Update 1.15 Operation: Onslaught – Hotfix #2

Hello Soldiers!  Let’s go full steam ahead and address the elephant in the room here: Update 1.16 is on schedule to release in the Spring and this hotfix is meant to clear the station for its arrival! Hotfix #2 is laying the metaphorical tracks for Update 1.16 to roll into its destination. This means this […]

Update 1.15 Operation: Onslaught – Release Notes

Hello soldiers, welcome to our next major content update, Update 1.15 Operation: Onslaught! We’ve got plenty to share with you today, including information about the latest weapons, gear, a brand new game mode, and a whole new cosmetic patch system. Read on below for all the details! New Weapons: M320 and M79 Exploding onto the […]

Update 1.13 Operation: Livewire – PlayStation Hotfix #1

Upon the release of Update 1.13 we discovered some issues with the way parties were behaving on PlayStation platforms. We have released a PlayStation hotfix today that addresses the following issues: PlayStation 4/Pro: PlayStation 5: As always, if you experience any adverse behaviour related to these fixes or just have an unrelated issues you would […]


A military soldier aims his assault rifle at something off camera. Level design plays an important part in player immersion.

Recently Insurgency: Sandstorm community member MGE Gibs sat down for a fireside chat with NWI’s own Level Design Director Jeroen van Werkhoven, and the creator of the original community mapping contest winner (Prison) Tihomir Garapić where they discussed level design, modding games, careers in game development and more!  Without any further ado, here is the transcript […]


Three insurgents run towards the camera with weapons drawn. Level design is an important aspect of player experience..

Hello Insurgency: Sandstorm players! Below is a list of frequently asked questions, in topic format, that we intend to update as new information becomes available over time.  BUGS/ISSUES We are aware of issues causing players’ games to crash. As we are navigating this, please send tickets to our support team with crash logs as well […]


Hello everyone! Summer is here and what better time to have a community event? Summer of Sandstorm is just around the corner! We wanted to introduce you to some of the things that you can expect over the coming weeks.  Firstly, we’re sure you’re all wondering what this actually is. Summer of Sandstorm is a […]

Update 1.12 Operation: Glasshouse – Hotfix

Hello everyone! Welcome to the release notes for Operation: Glasshouse Hotfix #1! Here are some tasty fixes for issues that we know were affecting many of you. We’re aware that there are other issues still affecting the game and tweaking that needs to be done to certain systems. We will continue working on these issues, […]