We know you have all been waiting patiently to see what’s in store this update, and we’re happy to finally be sharing it with you. Tune in throughout the week as we acquire fresh intel and update each of the redacted sections below!

New Game Mode: Defusal

Defusal is our new high-intensity objective-based PVP mode where each team takes turns attacking and defending chemical weapon caches. Insurgent Forces will attempt to plant explosives on two cache points while the Security Forces try to intercept and deny them control of the points. 

Each round will start with a five-minute timer. If Security can hold the line and stop the Insurgents from detonating a cache, they will win the round and get points for every cache remaining intact. However, if the Insurgents manage to destroy one of them, the timer will reset to five minutes and Security will need to defend the remaining cache until the clock runs out.

At the end of the two rounds, each team’s points will be tallied with Security gaining points for caches remaining intact and the Insurgents gaining points for destroyed caches. In the event that the teams finish with the same number of points, the match will end in a draw; otherwise, the team with the most points overall will be declared the winner.

Cache A
Cache B

Key Points

Match Info

Round Info

Available Classes


Citadel – Defusal

Gap – Defusal

Outskirts – Defusal

Precinct – Defusal

Prison – Defusal

New Weapons: M60 and RPK

Coming soon in Operation: Livewire we are introducing two workhorses of the LMG world: the M60 and the RPK. Both come in at a 3 point supply cost and have the same attachment capability as the Galil and Galil SAR.

M60 (SEC)

Stand strong against resistance and lay down some serious firepower with the M60 for Security.


Strike fear into the heart of your oppressors at 600 rounds per minute with the RPK Gunner weapon for Insurgents.

New Free Cosmetics: Gunner and Seasoned Fighter

Jump into the action with two new free cosmetic sets. Hold fast as the Gunner or break through as the Seasoned Fighter, the choice is yours!

Gunner (SEC)

Put the power back in firepower with the Gunner gear set!

Seasoned Fighter (INS)

Bust out the salt and pepper shakers and show them that experience matters with the Seasoned Fighter Gear set.

New DLC: The Livewire Set Bundle

New Gear Sets:

These new DLC will be available for purchase upon the release of Operation: Livewire and are included in the Year 2 pass for those of you who have it standalone, or via the Gold Edition. These cosmetic items can be combined with others in-game. 

Here is the breakdown:

You know what they say, the best offense is a good defense! Prove it with the Technician Gear Set for Security.

Technician Gear Set for Security

Black looks good with everything! Strut your stuff with the Black Powder Weapon Skin Set for Security.

Black Powder Weapon Skin Set for Security

These skins can be applied to six different weapons.

Whatever you need, he’s got it. Get ready to take up arms with the new Dealer Gear Set.

Dealer Gear Set for Insurgents

Be unique, be stylish, and be deadly with the Damascus Weapon Skin Set for Insurgents.

Damascus Weapon Skin Set for Insurgents

These skins can be applied to six different weapons.


Yes, that’s right, we have been listening and talking to many of you in the community about the changes made to Firefight during the Summer of Sandstorm event. With the collected feedback, we have made the decision to revert Firefight to its original 12v12 player limit (10v10 on console).

Our intention is to eventually come back to the 5v5 mode, but that will happen after much more testing and tweaking so as to properly balance it.

Lighting Improvements – Night Maps

We’ve made changes to improve the lighting in various night maps in order to increase the viability of all night equipment across all maps and provide a more balanced experience to the player. Some of these maps needed more love than others, so the visible changes will vary from subtle to drastic depending on the map.


Old lighting
New lighting


Old lighting
New lighting


Old lighting
New lighting


Old lighting
New lighting


Old lighting
New lighting

Power Plant

Old lighting
New lighting


Old lighting
New lighting


Old lighting
New lighting


Old lighting
New lighting


Old lighting
New lighting


Old lighting
New lighting

New Map Layouts

We are introducing a whopping thirteen new layouts as part of Operation: Livewire! Take a peek at the images below for an idea of what’s been added.


Bab Ambush
Hideout Ambush East
Outskirts Ambush East
Precinct Ambush East
Summit Ambush West
Tell Ambush East


Bab Domination East
Gap Domination West
Precinct Domination East
Tell Domination West


Gap Firefight West


Bab Survival
Ministry Survival

NVG Point Shooting

That’s right, you heard it here first. Update 1.13 marks the return of NVG Point Shooting to night scenarios!

Party Colour / Colour Picker

Good news! We have addressed the issue where all team members were displaying with the same colour as the party.   Additionally, the colour picker has been made  much more user-friendly, as players no longer have to enter distinct RGB values.

Spawn Protection

Spawn protection at its launch suffered from some issues that meant that it wasn’t functioning as designed, so we’ve enacted some tweaks to ensure that it’s far less intrusive and functions the way we originally intended. 

Spawn Protection should now last for 30 seconds OR until the player performs any of the following actions, move, aim, activate equipment, shoot, at which point the timer is reduced to 5 seconds. 

We appreciate all of the feedback we received from the community about its functionality. If you witness it behaving counter to any of these points please let us know by filing a support ticket here.

Resolved Issues

It is important to note that not all bugs or issues are experienced by all players, and there are differences between platforms. If anything below is still affecting you after the update, please contact our support team here.

Art & Graphics

Audio / VO

Gameplay Improvements

Level Design Improvements & Fixes

Mod Tools



Known Issues

Finally, the known issues section. Everything that is reported to our support group greatly helps us with logging and investigating issues. If you have encountered something you believe to be an issue, please file a ticket with our friends in the support department here. Don’t forget to take a peak at the FAQ while you’re there!

The following list is not exhaustive so if yours is missing, it doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t looking into it. 

Thanks for sticking it out to the end! As always, a ton of work went into the update and we’re overjoyed that our players will be getting their hands on it very soon. Don’t forget to check back between now and the release to find out what secrets the redacted intel holds. Until then, see you in the field soldiers!