Hello Sandstorm community!

Welcome to Operation: Accolade, the update where we are privileged to bring you content inspired by the fantastic submissions we received to our mapping and cosmetic community contests! We want to acknowledge the work everyone put in by bringing their ideas to life in Insurgency: Sandstorm!! KUDOS to you! You all really brought in the thunder!

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Also, we are reminiscing on Sandstorm’s 4th birthday we recently celebrated on stream. 4 years is a big achievement, and we feel lucky to still be going strong after all these years. Of course, we can’t forget about Insurgency’s 9 year anniversary that happened back in January, too! We were joined on stream by some of the OG devs at New World who gave us the inside scoop on what development was like in those days.

Without further ado, get ready to dive in and read what we have in store for Operation: Accolade!

New Map: Last Light

Pack your bags and get ready for Last Light, the newest level to be added to Insurgency: Sandstorm! Based on the map of the same name created by Invalid_Nick for our Community Mapping Contest, Last Light takes you to a breathtaking coastal town where the action is relentless. The compact design is perfect for intense, close-to-medium-quarters combat, encouraging you to fight your way through lush interiors and out into streets awash in the glow of the golden hour. The luxurious architecture, fancy cars, and detailed, realistic interiors all add to the authenticity of this one-of-a-kind map, giving players an immersive and unforgettable experience. Join the fight and battle to control this stunning but deadly getaway town!

Last Light is Playable on:

New Weapons: MDR and SG 552

Coming to Operation: Accolade, these brand new 20 round assault rifles sure do pack a punch. The MDR is vicious, slinging its 7.62 ammo at 960m per second, while the SG 552 stands out with its ease of use and all around versatility! Both weapons are available for the following classes:


Unload with high-velocity precision on enemy combatants with the MDR for Security.

SG 552 (INS)

Stick and move with the versatility and mobility of the SG 552 for Insurgents

New Free Cosmetics: Scout and Rebel Fighter

We are always amazed by the creations that our community comes up with and we’re overjoyed to finally be unveiling the Scout and Rebel Fighter DLC’s. Both of these new sets are based off of the amazing contest winning submissions from our Community Cosmetics Contest.

Whether you’re looking to get your eyes on enemy movements or achieve ultimate glory in your fight against oppression, the Scout and Rebel Fighter free cosmetic sets will have you doing it in style!

Scout (SEC)

Gather intel and apply force with the Scout Gear Set for Security.

Rebel Fighter (INS)

Take up arms and rise against the enemy with the Rebel Fighter Gear Set for Insurgents.

New DLC: The Accolade Set Bundle

To celebrate four years of Sandstorm, and the incredible support from the community, get moving with the Accolade Set Bundle. Featuring premium gear and battle-worn weapon skin sets, the bundle is packed full of community-driven content.

These new DLC sets will be available for purchase upon the release of Operation: Accolade and are included in the Year 2 pass for those of you who have it standalone, or via the Gold Edition. These cosmetic items can be combined with others in-game.

Our newest weapon skins, Worn Veteran and Rust & Wrap, are based on the winner of our community cosmetics contest! We hope you are just as excited as we are to see them in action!

Soar to victory as the maverick you are with the Pilot Gear Set for Security!

Pilot Gear Set for Security

Flaunt your experience with the Worn Veteran Weapon Skin Set for Security

Worn Veteran Weapon Skin Set for Security

These skins can be applied to the following weapons:

Tread on your enemies and leave them in your DUST with the Biker Gear Set for Insurgents!

Biker Gear Set for Insurgents

Fit for the most grizzled of fighters, the rugged Rust & Wrap Weapon Skin Set is coming for Insurgents!

Rust & Wrap Skin Set for Insurgents

These skins can be applied to the following weapons:

New Defusal Layouts

We think you are going to have a blast with these seven explosive new layouts for the Defusal game mode! This means we’ve almost tripled the number of available layouts, so what are you waiting for? Grab your wire-cutters and get to work! 


Point A
Point B


Point A
Point B


Point A
Point B


Point A
Point B


Point A
Point B


Point A
Point B


Point A
Point B

There you have it! We hope you are as excited as we are for all the new content to arrive in Update 1.14!

Resolved Issues

Hello again! We hope you like the new content coming to Sandstorm with Operation: Accolade! We also happen to have a whole number of fixes in this update, so read on below for those.

Please note that not all bugs or issues are experienced by every player. If anything you see below is still affecting you, or an issue you are experiencing is still in the game, please contact our support team here.

Art & Graphics

Audio / VO

Gameplay Improvements

Level Design Improvements & Fixes

Mod Tools



Known Issues

Finally, our known issues section. Identifying that an issue exists is the first step to a resolution, and each piece of information we can gather about certain causes or contexts can go a long way. Every time you file a support ticket you are helping us to investigate these issues, and we truly appreciate it when you take the time to do this! If you encounter something funky, please file a ticket here

Small reminder, by the way, that we do have our FAQ page, which is a great place to look for questions you may have! 

All that said, the below list is not exhaustive so if yours is missing it doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t looking into it!


Thanks for sticking with us ‘till the end! We can’t wait for you to dive into this update with us as a lot of hard work went into it from the whole team!

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As always, see you out there in the field!