Welcome soldiers! 

Update 1.16 Operation: Crisis is pulling into the station soon! Featuring a new map, a new limited-time mode, new weapons, a bunch of fixes, and more! We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it when it arrives in the near future!

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All aboard for action! Introducing Trainyard, the newest original map for Insurgency: Sandstorm! Whether you’re engaging in CQB, mid-range skirmishes, or picking off enemies with the newly added sniper rifles, Trainyard offers a brutal and immersive experience that will test your tactical prowess and sharpshooting skills. Ready to dominate on the field of battle? Your next mission starts here.  

Trainyard is playable on:




Have you ever thought to yourself: 

“I bet I could beat every other player in this lobby with just about any gun.”? 

Well, good news! Our new limited-time mode Arms Race will pit you against every other player as you battle to prove your skills! Start with a basic weapon and eliminate enemies to progress through an arsenal of increasingly powerful and diverse weaponry. 

Adapt quickly, master each weapon, and race to be the first to secure a victory with the final kill. Whether you’re a sharpshooter or a close-quarters professional, Arms Race promises relentless excitement and fierce competition. Jump in soon and prove your mastery across the entire armory before time runs out!


Utilizing five rounds of powerful .338 caliber ammo fired with devastating force, the TAC 338 & L96A1 will help you zero in on the competition. Whether you need the extreme precision of the TAC 338 or the versatile reliability of the L96A1 these bolt-action sniper rifles will make an excellent addition to any Marksman loadout.

TAC 338 (SEC)

Set your sights and lock in your target with the new TAC 338 rifle for Security.

L96A1 (INS)

Engineered for unparalleled accuracy, the L96A1 for Insurgents packs a vicious punch.

NEW DLC: The Crisis Set Bundle

Chemical Combat (SEC)

When you find yourself engulfed, the Chemical Combat Set for Security is a breath of fresh air!

Contains 5 different cosmetic gear pieces:

Desert Veteran Weapon Skin Set (SEC)

Wear your experience and flex your know-how with the new Desert Veteran Weapon Skin Set for Security!

The Desert Veteran weapon skins can be equipped in the Loadout menu for the Security faction for the following weapons where available:

Protective Gear (INS)

Achieving victory in a hazardous environment requires proper protection. The Protective Gear Set for Insurgents has you covered!

Contains 5 different cosmetic gear pieces:

Dusty Weapon Skin Set (INS)

Wield the power of the desert with the new Dusty Weapon Skin Set for Insurgents!

The Dusty weapon skins can be equipped in the Loadout menu for the Insurgent faction for the following weapons where available:


Art & Graphics


Level Design Improvements & Fixes