Update 1.15 Operation: Onslaught

Hello soldiers, welcome to our next major content update, Update 1.15 Operation: Onslaught! We’ve got plenty to share with you today, including information about the latest weapons, gear, a brand new game mode, and a whole new cosmetic patch system. Read on below for all the details!

New Weapons: M320 and M79

Exploding onto the field of battle in Operation: Onslaught, we have two brand new grenade launchers to rain destruction on your enemies: the M320 launcher for Security, and the M79 launcher for Insurgents. Both sport rounds of 40x46mm explosive shells and have enough stopping power to bring any assault to its knees!

M320 (SEC)

Send a message with a bang with the new M320 Grenade Launcher for Security!

M79 (INS)

He sells these shells by the half dozen with the new M79 grenade launcher for Insurgents!

New DLC: The Onslaught Set Bundle

Bring unmatched destruction to the battlefield and dominate your enemies like never before with the Onslaught Set Bundle of premium gear items and weapon skins! 

The Onslaught Set Bundle contains the following DLC:

Mountain Tactical Set (SEC)

Embark on a thrilling battle with the Mountain Tactical Gear Set for Security! Gear up and conquer any rugged terrain that stands in your way.

Contains five different cosmetic gear pieces:

Digital Splatter Weapon Skin Set (SEC)

Find the perfect cover in chaotic battlefields with the Digital Splatter Weapon Skin Set and paint the battlegrounds with your personal touch.

The Digital Splatter Weapon skins can be equipped in the Loadout menu for the

Security faction for the following weapons where available:

Mountain Nomad Set (INS)

Combine the rugged resilience of nomadic attire and the tactical prowess of combat gear with the Mountain Nomad Gear Set for Insurgents.

Contains five different cosmetic gear pieces:

Woodburn Weapon Skin Set (INS)

Bring a touch of timeless elegance to your arsenal and embrace the charm of classic wood weapons with the Woodburn Weapon Skin Set.

The Woodburn Weapon skins can be equipped in the Loadout menu for the Insurgent faction for the following weapons where available:

Cosmetic Patch System

We’re excited to introduce our new cosmetic patch system, bringing a whole new way for players to customize their soldiers! This feature is launching with over 70 options to choose from to truly make your character your own. Both Insurgent and Security factions have many patches to choose from to set themselves apart on the field of battle! So whether you want to highlight a class, an anti-authority slogan, a specific operation, or more… there’s a patch for that!

The following patches are available at launch and purchasable with in-game currency:

Security Patches:

*available if players have the S.O.R.T. DLC on their account

Insurgent Patches

New Game Mode: Free For All

Are you constantly top of the leaderboard? Do you think your skills outshine the rest of the server? Time to test your mettle in our newest game mode: Free For All! Be your own backup and face off against the rest of the lobby in the ultimate test of skills. Get good or die trying.

Game Mode info:

For available maps see the New Layouts section below!

New Layouts

Operation: Onslaught brings with it a total of 14 brand new layouts across five modes: Defusal, Free For All, Frontline, and the Limited Time Game Mode, Team Deathmatch. Pull up a chair and feast your eyes below for a more in-depth peek at these new layouts!





Point A
Point B


Point A
Point B


Point A
Point B


Point A
Point B

Free For All


Power Plant






Team Deathmatch (LTGM)


Last Light


Resolved Issues

Gameplay Improvements

Art & Graphics


Level Design Improvements & Fixes


Known Issues


We can’t wait to dive into Update 1.15 Operation: Onslaught with you tomorrow, and swing by the live stream on Thursday to see Free For All in action!

We also have our FAQ for your reference anytime.