Update 1.15 Operation: Onslaught – Hotfix #2

Hello Soldiers!  Let’s go full steam ahead and address the elephant in the room here: Update 1.16 is on schedule to release in the Spring and this hotfix is meant to clear the station for its arrival! Hotfix #2 is laying the metaphorical tracks for Update 1.16 to roll into its destination. This means this […]

Update 1.15 Operation: Onslaught – Release Notes

Hello soldiers, welcome to our next major content update, Update 1.15 Operation: Onslaught! We’ve got plenty to share with you today, including information about the latest weapons, gear, a brand new game mode, and a whole new cosmetic patch system. Read on below for all the details! New Weapons: M320 and M79 Exploding onto the […]