Today after 10 days of public voting we are pleased to announce the ten finalists that will go through to be judged by our expert panel for the chance to win over $17,000 worth of prizes from New World and our incredible sponsors, Intel, Nvidia, and Epic Games. 



Prison by 13Tisa13 

Diplomacy by Flaykes 

Sultan of Drugs by Klian 

SaltMine by FredricoDLac 

Last Light by invalid_nick 

Mud Village by Juu_ 

Coastline by Reeecompile 

International by Gremlinmode 

Mintaqah (District) by Jason26 

Over the next 30 days, our team at New World will begin testing and judging the finalists with our sponsors. We plan to announce the winning entries on or around Monday March 22nd.

Congratulations to all the finalists, as well as our runners up! 

Note to submitters:

Entrants who did not make the shortlist are now able to freely modify their submissions and take onboard any player feedback. 

We want to encourage everyone despite not making it in the top 10 to keep working on your levels or new levels. The contest results are simply a review of the work at this moment. It doesn’t say anything about your future quality of work or pursuing a career as a professional level designer. We hope you enjoyed the contest and we are looking forward to seeing more of your levels in the future! 

Finalists must not alter their submission until the expert voting period has concluded and winners are announced. 

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