Hello everyone!

Summer is here and what better time to have a community event? Summer of Sandstorm is just around the corner! We wanted to introduce you to some of the things that you can expect over the coming weeks. 

Firstly, we’re sure you’re all wondering what this actually is. Summer of Sandstorm is a three week long seasonal event taking place from June 28th to July 19th, 2022.

The event will include:

As we get closer to the launch of the event we will be letting you in on some of the more specific aspects of the event and contests, as well as updating this blog with some of your frequently asked questions. 


Q. What is a “Summer of Sandstorm?”

A. A fun community event that serves as a celebration of Summer and Sandstorm with a chance to win prizes!

Q. How long is the event running for?

A. It will be running from June 29th to July 19th.

Q. When are the limited time game modes live?

Q.  How do I submit clips/pictures to the event contests?

A. You can post them to Twitter, TikTok and Discord with the tag #SummerOfSandstorm.

Q.  Where can I find information about the activities?

A. You can check our Twitter account and our Discord server

Q.  Who can participate?

A. Everyone! All are welcome to join!