Here’s an overview of all the things that happened in the Day of Infamy and Insurgency community this week!

Brittany Co-op Testing and New Map Tease

This week we tried playtesting our new map Brittany in co-op mode with the community. There were a few issues with bot spawning that produced a bot bloodbath. We will address these issues before the map goes live. Watch the bot slaughter in the YouTube video recording of our livestream:

Brittany Co-op Playtest with Alex and Andrew

Next week we’ll be revealing a brand new map that has a much different layout and environment than any of our other maps. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for teases and join our livestream at our regular time: Thursday @ Noon EST!

Community Videos

AlabasterSlim had an awesome kill-streak while defending the last capture point:

Lick_The_Butter shows us a bit of what competitive Insurgency looks like:

TheArticDino shows us his skills in his own highlight video:

DaVy and friends try out Insurgency and learn all the ways you can kill your teammates!

Social Spotlight

Awesome action screenshots sent in by community member Unmutual:

The Day of Infamy Memes account was especially dank this week:

Blackwrath the ninja wants all your achievements!

If you want to be featured on our roundup or in our social accounts, just tag us when you post your content to social media! We pick out the best ones and publish them to the rest of the community!

Current Sales

The Humble Store currently has Day of Infamy on for 45% off ($10.99)…

…and Insurgency on for 85% off ($1.49) until Thurs Sept 22nd!

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