Here’s an overview of all the things that happened in the Day of Infamy and Insurgency community this week!

New Map! Brittany!

First up, on our weekly livestream we revealed Day of Infamy’s new map Brittany. It was a map that was entered in our mapping contest and will now see a full release in a future game update.

The map depicts the Brittany region of France and the port town of Brest. The town was invaded by Germans in 1940 and then freed during the Battle for Brest.

Map Reveal with Alex and Andrew

Public playtest session with Mikee

We’ll be returning to Brittany for more testing on the livestream at our regular time: Thursday @ Noon EST!

Community Videos

BreakTheVices is a big fan of the Webley Revolver:

Andrea delves into the possibilities of competitive modes in Insurgency: Sandstorm

FrostThreat48 has created a pretty comprehensive video that shows off some of the weapons availible in the Insurgency Steam workshop:

Social Spotlight

For those of you that remember our super-exciting grass reveal, Nikko Shipley shows off the grass he’s been creating for a custom Day of Infamy map:

Mikee knows how to stop, drop and roll when your building is on fire:

We put out some quick answers for the most common questions we get about Day of Infamy, Insurgency and Sandstorm:

Very cool Day of Infamy avatars created by Berecz Bence:

Blackwrath goes full Ninja:

Stuffed_Shark gets hit with the perfect nade!

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