Here’s an overview of all the things that happened in the Day of Infamy and Insurgency community this week!

Big Day of Infamy Announcements!

This week we revealed some exciting upcoming features and promotions!

First off, Day of Infamy is going to have a free weekend on Steam in the near future, which will mean a lot new players added to our community. We encourage you to welcome these new players, answer their questions and spread the word! During the weekend we will be highlighting a lot of great community content, so stay tuned!

We also expect to launch a brand new content update that will feature our new map Brittany, a new training map, UI upgrades, plus other features and fixes. You should expect this new release around the same time as the free weekend.

We also launched a brand new website, dedicated to Day of Infamy. The site features all the latest news, videos, tutorials and community contributions. Lend us your bookmarks!

More details on all these announcements here!

Next week we’ll continue to playtest our new maps, and show off the new training map! Stay tuned to our social media accounts for teases and join our livestream at our regular time: Thursday @ Noon EST!

Competitive Insurgency PUGs Saturday!


If you’re looking for a little Insurgency competition, The Insurgency Gym is hosting a pickup group event on Saturday that runs from 8:00pm CEST / 7:00pm BST / 2:30pm EST to 11:30 – 12:30 CEST / 10:30 – 11:30 BST / 5:30 – 6:30 EST. If you’ve ever want to find out what it takes to be a competitive Insurgency player, this is your chance!

Current Sales

Lots of new players in game since we put Insurgency on sale! Get Insurgency for just $1.49 (85% off) until Oct 1st!

Community Videos

AlabasterSlim shares some fun highlights from his Insurgency livestream this week:

Stuffed_Shark shows us some great pistol play from some competitive Insurgency games:

Kaymind, another Insurgency Gym member shows off team communication and aiming skill in his own highlight video:

If you want your video featured, just post it on Facebook or Twitter and tag us! We’ll pick out the best ones each week!

Social Spotlight

As much as we love Counter-Strike; we feel the same way as Mukul:

Howard Philpott and longtime community contributor BigFry tell it like it is!

PC Gamer featured Day of Infamy as one of the most overlooked FPS games:

Day of Infamy Memes shows off the power of the Radioman!

Modtools who originated numerous Day of Infamy maps shared his latest, Operation Squatter, in 3 different flavors!

If you want to be featured on our roundup or in our social accounts, just tag us when you post your content to social media! We pick out the best ones and publish them to the rest of the community!

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