Update (03/27): We’ve just released a hot fix for Insurgency’s update on March 25th. Included are stability and bug fixes, updates to Tell and Station, and other improvements. You can read the full changelog below.


  • New PVP maps:
    • Tell (Push, Ambush, Strike, Occupy)
    • Station (Push, Firefight, Ambush, Strike, Occupy)
    • Station Night (Push, Firefight, Ambush, Strike, Occupy)
  • New Coop maps:
    • Tell (Checkpoint)
    • Station (Hunt)
  • New Insurgent Gurkha knife
  • Updated Coop maps:
    • Peak (Hunt)
    • Heights (Hunt)
    • Market (Hunt, Checkpoint)
    • Revolt (Hunt)




  • Added support for Soft Particles (option to enable or disable in Video Settings). This effect improves the volumetric look of various kinds of particles including dust and smoke using a technique called depth feathering.
  • Matchmaking preferences are now saved from your last session.

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed some thread safety issues with the main menu HTML that was causing some rare startup crashes.
  • Fixed an animation-related Linux dedicated server crash.
  • Fixed a Linux dedicated server crash related to AI nav area checks in Coop.
  • Re-enabled render batching to improve stability on Revolt.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being able to skip the bolt sequence on a sniper rifle by hitting reload and quickly switching weapons.
  • Fixed 7x Scope not being visible on the SKS world model.
  • Fixed M40 crosshair rendering in front of lens.
  • Fixed restricted area at SEC spawn on Market skirmish.
  • Fixed Invisible wall in Sinjar and small displacement seam.
  • Fixed issue preventing direct impact damage from grenades from working.


  • Scope parallax effect has been adjusted so its quicker and never obstructs the center of crosshairs.
  • New sprint and crawl animations for pistols and grenades.
  • New knife animations.
  • In Push and Strike, each team will have access to different classes depending on if they are attacking or defending.
  • In Strike, both teams will know where the cache is located at the start of the round.
  • In Hunt, enemies are now more responsive to a cache being blown up, and hunt players at the end more consistently.
  • The matchmaking process will now ignore servers you have on your server browser blacklist.
  • Improved overview art for District, Market, Ministry, Revolt, Siege, and Uprising
  • Separate crosshair texture for Mosin 7x.

Hotfix March 27th, 2015

Stability Fixes

  • Potential fix for font-related crash on the kit menu.
  • Fixed common coop server crash when a bot was attacking a player that just disconnected.


  • Servers in the matchmaking pool now require VAC to be activated. If you are running your server with -insecure, you will not receive any matchmaking traffic.
  • Implemented global server blacklist. Any servers in the PvP or Competitive playlists running game-breaking plugins (eg. country blocking, kill/damage confirmation with death messages off) will be considered for blacklisting and will no longer receive matchmaking traffic.
  • Added Ukrainian localization.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed regression where capture progress was not stalling when there were equal numbers of attackers and defenders on a point.

Map Updates

  • Station:
    • Fixed a few exploits around and at B push.
    • Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
  • Tell:
    • Opened up the chokepoint near push objective A on Security side of canal.
    • Reworked layout of rooms adjacent to push objective B to mitigate route confusion from B to C.
    • Eliminated jumps up the hill to the left flank of push objective A by smoothing the terrain.
    • Fixed Security blockzone for push objective B. Insurgents can no longer fire into security spawn above A.
    • Removed crawlspace under ruins on left flank of push objective B approach.
    • Other minor fixes.
  • Tell Coop:
    • Adjusted Security spawns for C and F
    • Moved cache I