• Updated PVP maps: District, Market, Panj, Revolt and Sinjar
  • Updated Coop maps: Contact (Hunt) and Panj (Hunt)

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed common client crash relating to the firemode display.
  • Fixed server-side crash relating to the map voting system.
  • Fixed a server-side crash in stats system.
  • Fixed crash when an explosive from a disconnected player would be part of a chain explosion.
  • Fixed UI crash when the page up or down keys were pressed on some UI elements.
  • Fixed crash relating to global ban system.
  • Fixed crash relating to Steam tagging system after changing the level.
  • Fixed a server crash related to the AI investigation state where it was eating up too much memory.

User Experience Improvements

  • The user is now presented with a message if they could not connect to a server due to version mismatch.
  • Vote options for bot count in Checkpoint have been tweaked to allow for a higher number of bots (added an option for 20 bots per objective).
  • Added anti-spam measures against radial commands.
  • Magazine and fire mode information is no longer constantly displayed.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Checkpoint: Increased the number of bots by default.
  • Insurgent Light Armor now costs 2 supply instead of 1.
  • Now players can only carry 1 C4 even if they have a chest carrier.
  • RPG and AT4 weigh less and now cost 5 supply instead of 6.
  • Exhausting grenades or RPGs will now adjust your weight correctly.
  • Doubled the maximum number of ammo types for theater modders.

AI Improvements

  • Tweaks to bot vision, suppression and aiming.
  • Increased default attack delay at longer ranges for AI.
  • Reduced chances that bots will suppress players. They must see them for longer, and be within the desired attack range in order to suppress a player behind cover.
  • Improved collision meshes for the reeds and cannabis plants on Panj to prevent bots from spotting players through them.
  • Improved cache destruction response in Hunt. Now they will come investigate from far away if they see the explosion.

Stats Improvements

  • Stats authentication has been throttled to 3 attempts per map with 15 seconds between each attempt, to hopefully reduce cases of game servers not communicating with our stats backend.
  • Authentication state is now checked for server ‘stats’ tag.
  • Added server-side “ins_stats_status” command to print helpful information about the current stats connection.

Misc. Fixes and Optimizations

  • Graphics options menu will now behave correctly after pressing “Back” without applying a change.
  • Key bindings menu will now correctly apply changes when you exit the menu without pressing “Back” at the bottom of the bindings menu.
  • Fixed auto-upload of crash dumps for dedicated servers
  • Potential fix for Main Menu not always updating in-game.
  • Fixed Mk4 scope alignment on M14.
  • More Panj optimization.
  • Fixed Panj (Hunt) navigation mesh.
  • Fixed not able to capture push A in Market when player is in prone position inside the black hawk.
  • Potential fix for CRopeManager console spam in Market.