Tonight we are deploying another patch to the game that will address some issues that have come up since the previous update. You may experience an interruption in the servers as we need to install the update on them.

Changes include:

New Features

  • Basic implementation of tiers, ranks and leaderboards for matchmaking-enabled servers.
  • Added Practice Mode back into the game, for practicing multiplayer game modes against bots. The mode can be accessed from the Training section.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Updated Maps: Panj, Uprising and Buhriz.
  • Fixed M14 and FAL bipod recoil.
  • FAL now costs 3 supply instead of 2.
  • UMP now costs 2 supply instead of 3.
  • Adjusted barrel lengths of weapons so that the weapon collision system is a little bit less sensitive.
  • HUD icons now show in their proper location when optics are being used.

User Experience Improvements

  • Fixed non-widescreen resolutions in Main Menu.
  • Removed Peak Coop from “allowed_maps” in Matchmaking. Should prevent coop servers that fail to load a mapcycle from allowing Peak Coop in the map vote and causing a server crash if voted for.
  • Player no longer says “Changing Mags” when reloading the M203 or GP25 underbarrel grenade launchers.
  • Game settings filters now have a “don’t care” option if you don’t care whether it’s on or off.