Work in progress versions of our Gamebanana and Mapcore contest maps are ready for testing by the community. Come check out twelve new maps on our testing servers!

To play these maps, just subscribe to the Steam Workshop playlist here. This will download all the maps and give you access to the playlist ingame. Open Day of Infamy and select “Multiplayer Battles”. Select the playlist to the left titled “Map Contest Testing”, select a server, and join up.

We will be keeping the servers online and testing will be ongoing. We are hosting an event tomorrow, November 6th, at 8 pm CET (2 pm EST) where developers and level designers will be participating in testing and getting feedback directly from players. The event can be found here. We’ll be streaming the event at:

Please be aware that these maps are not final and the contest deadline is not over. What is being played are work in progress from level designers in our community. This is an excellent opportunity for creators to gather valuable feedback on their work, so please help them by sharing your thoughts via the comments section of each map item on the Steam Workshop. You can find a list of the maps under “Required Items” to the right in the Workshop playlist.

Enjoy, and please share your thoughts!

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