New Content

  • New Heights gameplay.
  • Updated Ministry and Peak.
  • Added 7x Scopes to FAL and M14 EBR for Marksman, Sharpshooter and Sniper classes.
  • Added Bipod upgrade for M40A1 and Mosin Nagant.
  • Added new F-1 Grenade for Insurgents.
  • Added new “Hero Capture” achievements.
  • New M14 EBR texture.
  • Improved implementation of holographics sights, now also includes a lense material.
  • Improved audio in Market, Ministry and Siege

New Features

  • Weapons that use bipods now pivot on their bipod.
  • Added new map voting UI at the end of a game.
  • The game now remembers your previous fire mode choice.
  • The game now allows items to be restricted on a class by class basis.
  • The game will now default to your desktop’s resolution on a clean install.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Created a new default “mapcycle.txt” that contains the most popular map / mode configurations only (as per our recent survey).
  • Addressed some spawn camping issues in Siege, Sinjar, Ministry and Revolt.
  • Restricted foregrips and suppressors to certain classes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in Infiltrate preventing players from returning their Intel.
  • Added M14 EBR fire selection animation.
  • Added M249 crawl animation.
  • Fixed instance where dead teammate’s icon and name would show.
  • Fixed training achievements not being granted.
  • Fixed Head Hunter achievements.
  • Fixed behavior of monitor brightness slider.
  • “Rate” now shared to the same registry key as other Source engine games, it will now also default to 30,000.
  • Reduced console spam.
  • Fixed memory leak relating to the theater system.

Workshop & SDK

  • Siege sample VMF is included to demonstrate gameplay and art style to custom mappers.
  • Fixed updating VPK files.
  • Workshop contributors can now prevent their addons from being mounted by specifying -ignorepublishedfiles on the command line.