We are releasing a patch today to address some issues with our previous update, improve gameplay, and expand upon the Solo menu.

For those of you who enjoy playing Solo, we have added AI teammates to Conquer and Hunt in Solo menu. You can now play these modes as if they are singleplayer missions. If you die, you take over one of your alive AI teammates instead of waiting.

We will continue to update and expand upon this mode, as we integrate it with the radial menu so you can command and interact with your subordinate AI. For now, we present our first follow up patch with more to come in the near future. Full changelist below:

New Features

  • Added native support for Steam Controllers.
  • Expanded Solo menu to include three categories: Tutorials, Cooperative Modes and Multiplayer Modes.
    • Tutorials includes the training map and in the future other tutorials may be added.
    • Cooperative Modes include Conquer and Hunt, which can now be played with AI teammates.
    • Multiplayer Modes include offline practice for multiplayer modes which are currently supported by our new AI, which include Push, Firefight, Skirmish and Occupy.

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a Windows 10 startup issue.
  • Fixed crash at the end of Training Warehouse.
  • Fixed crash when opening the inventory after changing graphics settings.
  • Potentially fixed a crash when exiting to menu or changing level due to workshop player skins. If you still experience this, please report it to us.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Improved Conquer spawn protection when spawning in on an objective. Now even if you shoot after just spawning in you will still receive spawn protection for 5 seconds.
  • Added bot spawn settings specifically for the start of a round, so that bots don’t spawn too close to where players spawn initially. Settings are adjusted on a per-map basis so that larger maps have different settings than smaller ones.
  • Survival gameplay tweaks to increase difficulty.
  • Fixed an unintended adjustment made to jumping from addressing some exploits.
  • Updated weapon availability and cost on various classes in both PvP and coop.
  • Tweaked headshot audio based on feedback, lowering the volume and only playing the sound locally if the shot killed you.
  • Insurgent VIP now has Makarov with extended magazines. Security VIP still has M9.
  • Round will no longer restart when changing bot difficulty in coop.

Bug Fixes

  • Due to problems with some server providers, map .txt scripts are now placed inside insurgency_misc.vpk. This resolves map issues some servers were having where Verticality Push and coop modes were unplayable.
  • Players will no longer get stuck transitioning to a higher stance. This was particularly noticeable on the helicopter in Market when transitioning from prone to stand.
  • Fixed exploit with smoke grenades.
  • Spectator X-Ray will no longer show when in the dying state.
  • Fixed weight bar not flashing when a purchase fails.
  • Grenades no longer collide with their owning player.
  • Fixed hero cap VO playing at improper times.
  • HQ voice over now plays properly in Conquer when destroying a cache.
  • Model 10 shells now load properly using a speed loader.
  • Fixed jiggle bone on M1A1.
  • Removed duplicate fire and cocking animations for shotguns. This should fix a rare bug that would cause the animations to play twice, as well as the muzzle flash, sounds and shell ejections.
  • Fixed incorrect syntax in insurgency.fgd.

Weapons and Upgrades

  • Added Galil SAR variant for Security team.
  • Added third person reloads for the Sterling SMG and fixed other various animations for it.
  • Added world model foregrips for Security team. These will eventually be added for Insurgents as well.
  • New world models for Galil rifle variants and Model 10.


  • Added a Halloween surprise.
  • Updated Uprising Conquer layout.
  • Fixed cache locations on certain Conquer maps.
  • Added destructible jugs to go with destructible pots. (game changer)
  • Radios now break with three shots instead of four.
  • Fixed broken environment art on Contact.
  • Fixed displacement issues on Kandagal.
  • Fixed missing reeds on Kandagal Night.
  • Increased fade distance for several vehicles on the long road in Sinjar.

User Experience

  • Improved font sizing at low resolutions.
  • Fixed issues with menu navigation.
  • Fixed server search UI panel overlapping the party/friends section.
  • Party list on the menu now takes up the whole box.
  • Updated Ukrainian and Polish translations.
  • Fixed the loading screen gamemode description being cut off.

Thanks, and enjoy!