We are releasing an update to the game today that fixes an exploit and includes changes to animations, maps, optimizations, and various other fixes. We’ve also made some improvements for better mod support. You can see the full changelist below.

Patch June 3rd, 2015 Changelist

Exploit Fix

  • Fixed exploit using cl_showtracerdistances.


  • Deaths caused by headshots or high-damage explosives will now fade the screen instantly.
  • Squad leader call-outs and enemy spotted markers are now displayed on the tactical map.
  • New weapon collision animations when in iron sights.
  • Added the 1x Red Dot to the AK-74, AKM, AKS-74u, FAL, Mosin, RPK, SKS and TOZ in coop.
  • Added the Kobra sight to the M249 and M4A1 in coop.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Weapon sway pattern no longer shakes violently by going in and out of aim focus or during other rapid sway speed changes.
  • Weapon sway is now a little smoother when applying small amounts of sway.
  • Improvements made to AI vision.
  • In modes with objective discovery (eg. Hunt), letters are given for objectives in the floating HUD without having to look at them directly.
  • Player collision for crouching is now kept consistent regardless of whether the player is aiming down the sights or not. This prevents issues where the player gets stuck using their weapon sights while crouched.
  • Disabled weapon collision system on the melee weapons.


  • Minor shadow rendering improvements which should lead to a small improvement in rendering speeds.

Stability Fixes

  • Reverted some of the sound mixing code to match previous versions of Source in order to reduce the number of DSP crashes with surround sound.
  • Fixed common bullet-related crash when a gib from a breakable prop was shot.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being unable to vote kick a player that has not spawned yet.
  • The correct world model is now shown for the 1x Red Dot.
  • Events: Fixed incorrect explosive ID in grenade_thrown, fixed grenade_explode not triggering for C4 and added damagebits to player_hurt.
  • Fixed soft particle settings not being saved.

Animation Updates

  • New first person animations for the RPG, AT4, RPK, M590 and TOZ.
  • Modified some animations on the M16, M4A1 and MK18.
  • Shotgun specific lasers, flashlights and suppressors have been re-scaled to better suit the new animations.
  • New and improved third person animations for the knife.
  • Arm meshes now properly deform at the fingers as well as the elbows. Sleeves have been added to the upper arm of the light security arms as well as the light insurgent arms, security version are tanned.
  • VIP arms now have black upper armed sleeves.

Map updates

  • Buhriz:
    • Fixed visible nodraw faces.
  • District:
    • Restricted access to tops of market stalls.
    • Restricted access to debris in corridor outside of firefight Alpha that allowed proning.
    • Lowered capture zone in firefight Charlie that allowed capture from the rebar in the hole above.
    • Restricted access to tops of several doorframes.
    • Fixed exploitable fade distance on dumpster.
  • Heights:
    • Restricted access to several window ledges and rooftops.
    • Reworked collision on some doorframe props (applicable to several maps).
    • Fixed clipping on hanging tarp (potential exploit).
    • Fixed clipping on wooden bridge in security firefight spawn.
    • Opened exit from security firefight spawn slightly.
    • Fixed traversability of several props.
    • Addressed issue with leaning through certain geometry.
    • Terrain smoothing in places to improve movement.
  • Market:
    • Fixed access to an exploitable room above a stairway.
    • Fixed displacement seam at objective C firefight.
    • Adjusted the room of C firefight to make it less camper friendly.
  • Ministry:
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the curbs in the garage.
    • Potential fix for elevator glitch.
    • Fixed a few plants offset from the planters.
    • Smoothed out stair railings.
  • Panj:
    • Moved sec main bunker to the building with the stairs.
    • Fixed a bunch of exploits throughout the map.
  • Peak:
    • Updated center area.
    • Fixed a few small issues throughout the map.
  • Revolt:
    • Fixed a rock collision issue at SEC spawn.
  • Station:
    • Players can no longer prone in the river.
    • Fixed a bunch of small issues reported by the community.
  • Uprising:
    • Improved player movement on scaffolding.
    • Increased brightness of global lighting a bit.
    • Reduced sun glow, to avoid players from getting blinded.
    • Optimized several areas of the map a bit more.
  • Verticality:
    • Added elevated walkway between two buildings near INS spawn.
    • Fixed several issues throughout the map.


  • Added “sv_thirdperson_allowed” console variable so that mods/servers may allow thirdperson without enabling cheats:
    • Setting this cvar to 1 will allow third person to work without allowing players to run thirdperson/thirdpersonshoulder commands directly.
    • Setting this to 2 will allow players to use thirdperson/thirdpersonshoulder commands with a “_tpa” suffix.
  • Certain camera control ConVars have been made server executable.
  • ins_bots_knives_only is no longer marked as a cheat.
  • host_timescale is no longer marked as a cheat.
  • Servers using slot reservation plugins can now temporarily block their servers from matchmaking by adding a mm:ignore tag.
  • Exposed some experimental features to the theater system:
    • “SprintSpeedFactorByStamina” under the player stamina block will allow you to apply a sprint speed multiplier depending on the players’ stamina.
    • “sway_viewmodel_ads_ratio” under a weapon’s sway block will allow you to apply a multiplier of weapon sway to a weapon’s view model when aiming down sights.
    • Weapons can enable freeaim when aiming down sights by specifying “freeaim_ads” in the freeaim block. It can be tweaked with the “freeaim_distance_ads” and “freeaim_screenratio_ads” variables.
  • Increased the maximum amount of weapons to 128 and the amount of explosive types to 64.
  • Added gear slots “head”, “misc1” and “misc2”.
  • Added support for func_elevator entity from Left 4 Dead that allows for clientside predicted elevators.
  • Added prop_vehicle support.
  • Added entry for filter_activator_team entity to FGD.
  • Improved support for mods based on Insurgency by allowing the “-game” parameter to be modified on dedicated servers.
  • Grids for map overviews are now drawn by the game rather than being baked onto a texture. The grid divisions can be overridden by defining “grid_divisions ” and the lines can be set to a darker color by adding “grid_dark 1”.

Thanks and enjoy.