We are releasing a patch today that includes better Steam Controller support, rocket suppression VO, new blood decals and impact particles when bullets hit dead bodies, and more. Full changelist below:

Update Dec 19 @ 11am EST: We just released a hotfix that addresses T-posing characters in Elite Coop. If you run an Elite Coop server, please update it. The client update is optional. It will fix the issue in Elite Solo mode.

New Features

  • Improved living room experience.
    • Game now automatically detects game controllers, no longer requiring players to use their mouse to enable an ingame controller.
    • Improved menu support for game controllers.
    • Option to disable and enable game controllers via the options menu.
  • Expanded Steam Controller support.
    • Updated default Steam Controller configuration.
    • Fixed free aim.
    • Improved dampening, friction and other look-related behaviors to make aiming feel more smooth and natural whether in hipped or iron sights.
  • New rocket suppression including projectile audio, screen blurring and new voice responses.
  • You can now use all of your Workshop items in coop instead of servers enforcing sv_pure.
  • Reintroduced the change level vote. A change level vote will change the level at the end of the current round instead of the old method of changing the level immediately at the moment the vote is passed. This is different from the next level vote which changes the level at the end of the map.


New Content

  • Updated Contact map which includes new Push, Elimination, and Ambush scenarios.
  • Updated Market Ambush scenario.
  • New blood decals and impact particles when bullets hit dead bodies in ragdoll.


Gameplay Improvements

  • AI Teammates in Solo mode
    • Teammates spread out a little better, no longer bunching up and constantly bumping into the player.
    • Teammates are a bit smarter when it comes to attacking and pursuing enemies.
    • Disabled friendly fire amongst teammates in Solo mode.


Stability Improvements

  • Fixed several small memory leaks.
  • Fixed smoke AI visibility blockers not being cleared up if the smoke grenade was active during round reset, this could result in progressively higher CPU load each round and was especially bad in Outpost.


User Experience Improvements

  • Added Day/Night toggle option in the Solo mode map selection.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to hear other players sliding.
  • Fixed first person weapon sounds not playing properly in spectator mode.
  • Fixed possessing a bot in Solo not correctly setting player weight.
  • Picking up a C4 or IED as soon as it appears now correctly switches back to throwing mode.
  • Fixed being able to throw C4 or IED when detonator is out.
  • Fixed being able to buy enemy gear


Map Changes

  • Contact
    • Extended Security spawn area to make it more compatible for Push.
    • Tweaked Push B building, which can be entered from both sides of the road now.
    • Tweaked the barbershop to make it more suitable for Push.
    • Fixed several displacement seams throughout the map.
    • Added a bit more detail throughout the map.
  • Kandagal
    • Added more cover on the bridge and for Insurgent’s exiting spawn for Push.
    • Blocked the view on several windows.
  • Market
    • Fixed a pitch black face on a building near INS spawn.
    • Fixed several light casting issues on the arches near INS spawn.
  • Tell
    • Fixed a cache exploit in Elimination