We have created a new survey for players to complete and help us determine the best of Insurgency’s gameplay. It can be completed here:


The survey asks a variety of questions ranging from ranking your favorite game modes and maps, rating the AI difficulty, competitive league participation, and whether you would like to see a new Insurgency game in the future. There are also a few opportunities to give us some free form responses. Rest assured, we will read them!

Ever since Early Access (and even before) we strive to build Insurgency into a game that people want to play. Our community has been integral every step of the way to help us determine what is added, changed, or removed. Game development is a long, iterative process and we’re very grateful to have all of your contributions to shaping a fun tactical shooter.

Please participate and encourage friends who play Insurgency to complete the survey too. The more of you we hear from, the better our game will be. Thanks!