Day of Infamy is LIVE!! We have released a final update for full release.

UPDATE 3-24-17: We are releasing a hotfix today to address some issues following our full release yesterday. The Steam inventory will now refresh properly after a unit has been unlocked, and should no longer require a restart to be usable. You can see the hotfix changes below followed by the update’s full changelist.

Full hotfix changelist below:


  • Fixed issue with players not being able to immediately use a Unit they’ve unlocked.
  • Fixed player icons on the overhead map when in spectator.
  • Fixed an issue where players in prone were not being pushed away from walls if they had a bipod deployed.
  • Only show rifle grenade on the rifle when it is selected.
  • Fixed Springfield rifle grenade missing a world model.
  • Fixed a missing UI icon for the german general in the end round screen.
  • Fixed pre-round movement in Entrenchment in solo mode.

Updated Content

  • Updated uniforms for the 352. Infanterie-Division & 29th Panzergrenadier Division.
  • Removed “But My K:D” tagline as it was being rewarded too often.
  • Updated a number of VO lines for the African American voice.
  • Removed Intel mode from practice mode temporarily until AI behavior is introduced.
  • Various fixes & styling improvements for the Mods section
    • Mod list no longer overflows when you are subscribed to a large number of mods.
    • Fixed workshop publishing layouts.


  • Updated & corrected SDK coop example scripts.

Map Balance & Fixes

  • Bastogne
    • Removed first entrenchment point as it was too close to the enemy spawn.
    • Add blockzones for entrenchment.
  • Comacchio
    • Added blockzones for entrenchment.
  • Salerno
    • Fix Salerno Stronghold where the assassination target was unlocking at the same time as another objective.
    • Added blockzones for entrenchment.
  • Foy
    • Moved initial stronghold spawn further back from combat.
    • Updated navmesh.
    • Fixed a floating sandbag model.
    • Fixed bad lighting on one of the building’s roof.
    • Fixed a small displacement error.
    • Fixed a nodraw on a displacement.



Changelist for the update below:

Updated Content

  • Removed version watermark.
  • Improved server side unit selection process.
  • Updated main menus:
    • It is now possible to add awarded taglines to your playercard.
    • Updated playercard styling.
    • Legacy server browser will now always be on the main menu instead of being an optional setting.
    • Removed practice menu from escape menu when in a multiplayer game.
  • Updated in-game user interface:
    • Show “Join Army” instead of “Join Faction” on scoreboard.
    • Rearranged and unified upgrade buttons on the Kit UI to be less cluttered.
    • Made buttons more consistent throughout entire user experience.
    • Increased width of local player names on end of round screen.
    • Added melee slot to the kit selection.
    • Fade class icons for dead players on the scoreboard.
    • Restyled unit selection menu.
  • User experience improvements
    • Better display of Radiomen for Officers and vice versa on HUD.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Added 45 second regroup cooldown for Offensive & Sabotage to prevent the regroup point showing up too quickly.
  • Increased cooldown on the Stuka & Typhoon air support to 90 seconds.
  • In Invasion & Offensive modes teams will be switched each round.
  • Reworked melee bash speed.

Coop Improvements

  • Infantry mode now has unique enemies per map for its mode, like Commando.
  • Moved sicily stronghold bot spawns forward
  • Further reduced the chance of a counterattack from 25% to 15%.
  • Increased the maximum bot pathing distance from 4000 to 10000. This will fix issues with bots getting stuck on very long paths to their objectives.

Visual Improvements

  • Updated shaders on the following to GGX:
    • Flammenwerfer
    • US radio
    • German Radio
  • Updated weapon models:
    • BAR

Bug Fixes

  • Linux will now not crash on the splash-screen.
  • Fixed incorrect icons for players being shown in the overhead map while spectating.
  • Potential fix for spectator sometimes showing when you haven’t finished dying.
  • Fixed UI textures missing “nolod” and “nomipmaps” flags causing them to look lower quality in some circumstances.
  • Fix for the M1A1 Carbine paratrooper variant sling.
  • Fixed springfield rifle grenade missing it’s world model.
  • Fixed bug with profile on certain resolutions.
  • Removed squad colour from voice panel.
  • Fixed radial menu toggling on & off when holding mouse button using binoculars.
  • Hide the solo HUD element when joining a non solo game.


  • Co-op example SDK updated with elite co-op bot units.
  • SDK Sample scripts updated for infantry & commando modes.

Map Balance & Fixes


  • Fixed numerous small issues.

Dog Red

  • Fixed Wehrmacht spawn points.


  • Fixed navmesh problem
  • Fixed some light casting issues.


  • Fixed basement entrance too small at the front of the house.
  • Removed rogue clip.


  • Fixed C Firefight Objective.
  • Fixed several issues throughout the map.


  • Moved enemy spawns in Sicily Stronghold forward a bit.