Our games were built for and by our community. Your word of mouth has allowed Insurgency and Day of Infamy to grow and has given us the opportunity to develop the types of games that we have always wanted to play.

Multiplayer games are dependent on their communities to keep an active player-base going. Steam reviews are a huge part of how Steam features our game. We want to continue growing our community so that you have more great players to play with! If you’ve tried our games and have had a positive experience, we invite you to leave a review!:

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If you’ve had tech issues the best thing to do is to file a support ticket on our support site. We’ll try to follow up as quickly as possible.

If you have game suggestions, the best place to leave them is in the respective Steam discussions for Insurgency and Day of Infamy.

Thank you from everyone on the New World team! Expect more community members soon when Day of Infamy gets its own Steam free weekend and as we get closer to Insurgency: Sandstorm!