New Content

  • New Map: Sinjar (Supports PVP and Coop).
  • New Weapon: M-14 Enhanced Battle Rifle.

New Features

  • Full Workshop Support (Custom game theaters, maps, weapon skins and audio packs).
  • Added end-game map vote so players get to pick which map will be next on the rotation.
  • Added “Remove All” and “Reset” buttons in Kit UI for quicker setup.
  • Players can now change bot difficulty in Cooperative through voting.
  • Added hipfire sway along with more realistic free aim recoil handling.
  • Added server-side ConVar “mp_timelimit” which allows server admins to limit the time spent on a single game. Once the time has been reached, the map will change after the round has finished.
  • Insurgent optics now work on Security weapons in Cooperative.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Certain game modes have been removed from maps if the map / game mode combination was deemed by developers and testers as being less than ideal.
  • Removed C4, RPGs and AT4s from Ambush and Infiltrate.
  • Improved consistency and scalability of AI difficulty settings.
  • AI can no longer see through bushes and other foliage (there may be a few exceptions, so if you discover an instance where they can see you through foliage, please report so we can fix).
  • Infiltrate is now reinforcement based.
  • Strike now has only 2 potential cache locations instead of 3.
  • Addressed spawn camping in Buhriz Push.
  • Players can now interrupt the bolting process to reload on bolt action weapons.

User Experience Improvements

  • Servers are no longer restricted to a certain mapcycle in order to be joined via Matchmaking. – – Multiplayer modes have been moved to a single Matchmaking option.
  • Players can no longer exit out of the squad selection menu before choosing their squad, thus putting them in limbo.
  • Squad menu shows you if the team you’re on is attacking or defending in attack/defend modes.
  • Added options for enabling/disabling game instructor and HQ messages in game settings.
  • Added gameplay hints for taking enemy intel, protecting your team’s VIP and blowing up caches.
  • Holographic optics now display crosshairs more realistically.
  • Added achievement for completing Revolt Coop.
  • Squad and kit selection buttons are hidden on the scoreboard when you’re a spectator.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

  • Optimized network bandwidth usage.
  • Reduced AI quantity in Cooperative to improve client and server performance.
  • Fixed flickering between game modes when the squad menu is first opened.
  • Fixed scoreboard breaking between playing coop and PVP games.
  • Toggling ironsights will now no longer interrupt fire mode changing and cocking animations.
  • Fixed special role not showing up when you look at someone.
  • Fixed squad/team diamond overlapping with player name.
  • Fixed a bug in Ambush where the VIP would get points when killed instead of the killer.
  • Fixed voting not using the correct vote ratios.

Hot Fix – 5:30pm EST

  • Fixed a client/server crash that would happen when a server reaches the end of its mapcycle.
  • Added Sinjar_Coop completion achievement.
  • Added tiered MVP achievements.