Hello everyone!

My name is Ryan Yuan, or Karmakut, and I have recently joined New World Interactive as the Community Content Producer! I will be assisting with the creation of videos and livestreams for Insurgency, Day of Infamy and Insurgency: Sandstorm. In addition to those duties, I will also be engaging with our community to help bridge communication between our hardworking developers and loyal fans.

I stumbled upon New World Interactive soon after being exposed to tactical shooters, and have since fallen in love with the fast-paced and hardcore environment that both Insurgency and Day of Infamy provide.

To those of you who want to know more about me and my background in content creation, I manage a growing YouTube channel as well as a gaming community that focuses on providing events for our users. I plan to use these skills to create amazing content and experiences for all of you to enjoy.


Today, Sunday December 11th, at 12:00 PM EST, Community Manager Michael Tsarouhas and I will be hosting our first Day of Infamy Livestream together on the official NWI Twitch channel (hyperlink Twitch Channel). Be sure to stop by for some great gameplay and some fun times.

I hope to get to know all of you eventually and I encourage you to reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, Steam, Reddit, YouTube, or Twitch (hyperlink all the social media links)!