Recently we introduced BattlEye anti-cheat software incorporated with Day of Infamy, and there are a small number of customers opposed to this. With plans to also incorporate BattlEye into Insurgency as our anti-cheat method, we want to assure clarity to our customers as to why we have chosen BattlEye and reassure any privacy concerns.

Why do we need anti-cheat?

Many vocal players from our community have long been requesting an effective anti-cheat solution, especially to help maintain integrity of a competitive scene. We recognize that anti-cheat benefits all players of the community, so we decided to evaluate several options.

Up until the introduction of BattlEye, we have relied solely upon Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC). This was a reactive and time-consuming ban process to enforce game bans of cheaters. Some cheats have gone undetected by VAC, and we would receive reports and evidence from community members reporting in-game cheaters. From there, we would verify they were in fact cheating and ban the user manually. However we need a more automated method for cheat detection, and this is where BattlEye comes in.

Privacy reassurances

With any piece of software, there is an End User’s Licensing Agreement (EULA) that a customer must agree to before the software is installed. This provides many legal coverages for the vendor to allow access to files on a user’s computer.

Often, this leaves room for interpretation from a concerned user who feels the EULA might be invading their privacy or files beyond those for the game. We want to ensure you, BattlEye is concerned about the integrity of our game’s files and nothing more. If you have these concerns, please read the Privacy Policy of BattlEye outlined below.

BattlEye Privacy Policy

As trust is paramount when it comes to anti-cheat, we feel that it is important for us to clarify to all of our users that your privacy is respected and protected by us at all times. There has been a lot of misinformation posted on the internet about BattlEye in recent years and therefore we want to emphasize what exactly we are doing in an unambiguous way without confusing you with typical legal language.

While BattlEye needs to have full access to your system’s internals to have the capability to detect all hacks, we do not look at, check, transmit or even sell any of your personal information, data, documents, credit card details, passwords or similar. Our mission is to provide effective anti-cheat protection, not to spy on you. Besides, looking at your personal information does not help us reach the goal of providing a cheat-free environment in any way, so there is absolutely zero point in doing it in addition to it being immoral.

Like most other anti-cheat solutions, BattlEye has the theoretical capability to transmit flagged executable code to our servers for further review. This is needed to be able to discover and identify new hacks being used. However, for normal users that do not run suspicious software this should never happen and other than that we do not transmit any of your memory contents to our servers.

Furthermore, any data relating to you / your game account is always stored on secure servers. We usually only store data if there is some sort of detection and that includes your IP address, account/in-game name and possibly hardware serial information for identification. This is also mentioned in our EULA that usually comes with the games we support.

If you have any further concerns after reading the above policy, then please feel free to reach out to us for further clarification and reassurance.