On May 20, 1941 thousands of German paratroopers – the mighty Fallschirmjaeger – descended upon the Greek island of Crete. Operation Mercury was the largest airborne operation ever launched at the time. For ten infamous days, men of the 2nd Australian Imperial Force (2nd AIF) along with their New Zealander and British comrades held the island garrison from the German onslaught. They inflicted heavy casualties on the Germans, but were forced to retreat and evacuate the island to Egypt.

With the Aussie Update on Thursday, May 18th, we are introducing two Australian units to the Commonwealth faction. On the map Crete, the 2nd AIF is available for anyone to select while playing as the Commonwealth team. This unit features the iconic Slouch Hat for the Officer class with authentic Aussie voice acting for all classes.

The 2/17th Battalion unit is available to be unlocked through the ranking system, purchasing on Steam, or trading for on the Steam Marketplace. This unit features the Slouch Hat for all classes and the Aussie voice acting. The T shaped unit colour patch was provided to the battalion following their valiant defense of Tobruk. While we don’t feature this battle in the game, we still wanted to pay homage to a valorous Australian unit.

We’re also adding the iconic Owen Gun to the Commonwealth faction on maps when Australian units are available. This 9mm submachine gun was designed and manufactured by Australia and introduced into service in 1943. The unique design features the magazine fed from the top and the SMG was popular among troops for its reliability. Approximately 45,000 Owen Guns were produced during the war and the weapon continued service until the 1960’s.