We are releasing a patch today to address some issues with the game. We have removed the Compete section as it requires maintenance and resources that we have allocated elsewhere. When we launched the Compete section of Insurgency, our intent was to continue iteration on the system and game design of what ‘Competitive’ could be. However, as we outlined in a recent blog post, our priorities have shifted. As a testing grounds, the experiment was successful as we have learned lessons that are influencing how we design and implement features, such as stats and rankings, into our games. Thank you to the competitive players that offered their feedback and time with the system.

UPDATE 2-23-17: We are releasing a hotfix for Insurgency today to fix some issues. Those changes are as follows.

  • Added TOZ to Rocketeer and Scout classes.
  • Added solo/multiplayer/coop links to the top of the in-game menu.
  • Enabled stats tracking by default in official playlists.
  • Added Siege to Conquer playlist.
  • Fixed deployed idles for the SKS, Mosin and M40A1.

Full changelist below:

Gameplay Improvements

  • Bipod can now be toggled during the transition to prone or while the weapon is being drawn.
  • Bipod is no longer retracted when crawling.
  • Added drop shadow to chat text.
  • overview_alpha cvar now affects the transparency of spawn zones and restricted areas. Added overview_bounds_alpha that can control the transparency of these elements independently.


  • Fixed some issues with gamemodes (Skirmish and Occupy) where round-specific state wasn’t being reset correctly leading to some gameplay issues.
  • Fixed VIP not showing the correct icon in Ambush.
  • Updated ragdoll collision settings and fixed ragdolls occasionally jumping on death.
  • Fixed firemode saving not working between sessions.
  • Fixed stats system.
  • Updated translation files.
  • Crash handler will no longer submit crash dumps for previous versions of the game.
  • Removed cvar sv_nwi_banlist in favor of game bans.
  • Fixed issue where a player spectating could not click on living players to spectate them.
  • Fixed a rare issue where player would randomly disconnect after joining a server and after map change.
  • Re-added Kandagal Ambush, Heights Ambush, Sinjar Ambush and District Ambush that had been previously removed from the tactical playlist.


  • HLMV now includes a material parameter editor and new 3-point lighting setup.
  • Fixed issue with CVEngineServer::ChangeLevel in SourceMod.
  • Unrestricted the maximum value of mp_coop_lobbysize. The game will use the squad size to determine the maximum number of players if mp_coop_lobbysize is set higher.

Thanks, and enjoy!