New Features

  • New Hunt game mode (cooperative) where you must eliminate all enemies and caches in the area. This game mode requires extreme stealth and coordination as you only have one life.
  • New Hunt maps: Uprising, Panj, Contact, Heights and Ministry.
  • New multiplayer map: Panj.
  • New PVP map: Uprising.
  • Updated multiplayer map: Market.
  • Added underbarrel grenade and smoke launchers: M-203 for Security and GP-25 for Insurgents.
  • Added non-zoom red dot optic for Security team (costs 1 supply).
  • New first person weapon collision system.
  • Substantial revamp of particle FX throughout the game.
  • New Main Menu with a Friends List, an upcoming Profile section, and Leaderboards.
  • FN FAL with Bipod.
  • Crash handler that automatically uploads crash dumps to NWI.
  • New Voice Over for Hunt mode.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Push now has a finale cache, where the defending team has an opportunity to make a last stand.
  • Occupy is now 10 minutes (used to be 15) with 3 starting waves (used to be 5).
  • In Occupy, the winner is now determined by having more waves and also being in control of the objective.
  • M14 now has a bipod upgrade.
  • Auto-bipod only works now when you are prone. If there is a surface you can deploy on, you must do it manually now instead of simply going into iron sights.
  • Reduced resupply times so you don’t have to wait as long to resupply.
  • Players can no longer equip an item if it puts them over their max weight value.
  • Flashlights are now blinding when pointed directly at a player’s eyes.
  • 2X Aimpoint now costs more for Insurgents (3 supply)
  • PO scope now costs less for Insurgents (3 supply)
  • Light armor is now less expensive for Insurgents (1 supply)
  • Heavy armor is now less expensive for Insurgents (3 supply)
  • Molotovs are more expensive for Insurgents (3 supply)
  • Foregrips cost 1 supply less for support / machinegunner classes.
  • Removed flashbangs from support classes.
  • Removed smokes and flashbangs from demolition classes.
  • Added M203-HE to Security Demolitions class.
  • Added GP25-HE to Insurgent Striker and Sapper classes.
  • Added M203-Smoke to Security Specialist, Recon and Demolitions classes.
  • Added GP25-Smoke to Insurgent Specialist, Scout, Striker and Sapper classes.
  • Reduced bot accuracy and response time at longer ranges.
  • Increased the max value for maxplayers to 49 so cooperative servers can add extra bots (at their own risk).
  • Made “Forgiving” bot difficulty setting even easier.
  • Removed RPGs from Checkpoint until we come up with a better implementation for them.
  • Bots are a little bit less likely to investigate gunshots.
  • Tweaked flashlight effect.

Coop Improvements

  • Fixed major bug in Cooperative where the AI would not recognize certain players.
  • Improved bot count scaling technique and added new vote option for changing the bot count (more info below).
  • Bots now give off the same damage as players do instead of a reduced amount of damage.
  • Bots now investigate footsteps, flashlights and laser sights.
  • Bots are now a lot more accurate and respond faster.
  • Renamed the AI difficulties to “Forgiving,” “Normal,” “Unforgiving,” and “Brutal.”
  • Removed Peak Checkpoint from the game until we come up with a better solution for dealing with the trees that the bots can see through.

Bug Fixes

  • sv_pure 2 is now working properly.
  • Fixed audio hitches when dealing with Workshop stuff.
  • FAL now uses the proper ammo type (7.62x51mm).

Performance Optimizations

  • Added Valve fix for engine where frames wouldn’t get purged properly and would start to eat memory (should reduce cases of rubber-banding).
  • Fixed multiple small memory leaks.

Visual Enhancements

  • Added shell ejection smoke.
  • Ejected bullet casings now spin when ejecting.

Stability Fixes

  • Added safeguard against stacking investigating state for bots that would lead to crashes and increased CPU usage.
  • Fixed high CPU usage in new stats backend.