This document was posted with permission of it’s original author Link, who is a longtime member of the Insurgency competitive community. A huge thanks to him and the rest of the community for highlighting competitive!

This document will serve as place for those interested in competitive Insurgency. Most of the people who compete and the regulars are more active on Reddit (


Currently all populated leagues/communities are hosting competitive play for 5v5 Firefight. The best way to get integrated into the competitive community is by playing in Pick Up Games (PUGs). Pick Up Games are when 10 people join the same VOIP (usually Discord), team captains are picked, teams are picked, and then the teams join a private server to play a private 5v5 Firefight game on.

Most communities require that you have a microphone and most communities speak English.


Competitive Organized Firefight is played at a much different pace than regular firefight. The rounds usually start with people rushing to their lanes/objectives and then 2-3 players play slow while another 3-2 players rotate and play faster.

Here is a video of what competitive firefight looks like at the top level – (this video was taken from a tournament that took place on January 8th 2018) –

Here is a complete tutorial video of what competitive firefight is and how to join pick up games.

Pacific Gaming League

Website –
Discord –

“The Pacific Gaming League is the home of casual and competitive gamers in the Pacific.”

The PGL provides competitive needs for those in the Australia/New Zealand region. The PGL is also holding an international event starting January 22nd, 2018. More information can be found here –

The Digital Gaming League

The DGL was founded (by me and some others) in late in 2014 for competitive Insurgency play in North America and Europe. They subsequently held some competitive needs for South America and Australia/New Zealand. After a hibernation period for half of 2017, they are now back in 2018 for the entire world.

The DGL is holding a region based tournament on January 20th/21st 2018 midday local time. More information can be found here –

Note for those in South America:

The DGL also supports South America. For those wishing to partake in South American PUGs, please join the following discord –



The GYM is an international community that hosts events almost every Saturday for players to partake in. They also hold daily PUGs for NA and EU. The GYM is the largest community currently in Insurgency and has the most active discord for PUG events.