Day of Infamy is approaching our beta launch. Our objective is to include the first implementation of a complete feature set for the game. From there, we will iterate based on player feedback and get the game the best it can be for full launch early next year.

To help with beta testing, you must enable the beta branch of the game. To enable the beta branch, right-click on Day of Infamy in the Steam Library. Select Properties, then the Betas tab. Select ‘beta’ in the drop down. There is no code required, so leave that blank. Ensure your game downloads the update. If it is not updating, or you join the game and cannot find servers, try restarting Steam.

We have a number of new features in the beta branch that require testing. Also please note that some of the art is placeholder, especially in our new Profile sections.

New Map

  • Saint Lo

Map layout changes:

  • Salerno
  • Ortona
  • Reichswald
  • Bastogne

Updated Reichswald

New Game Modes

  • Sabotage (PVP): Attackers must destroy three 88mm Flak gun emplacements with TNT.
  • Raid (Coop): Attackers must find and destroy two 88mm Flak gun emplacements with TNT.

Game mode changes:

  • Frontline: Increased starting wave count to 10. 40 second reinforcement timer. 60 second objective capture time.
  • Liberation: 60 second objective capture time. 40 second reinforcement timer.
  • Offensive: Defenders must regroup to reinforce their team when 50% of teammates have been killed. 40 second reinforcement timer. 120 second objective capture time.

New Weapons

  • FG-42 (German)
  • Vickers machine gun (Commonwealth)
  • M1917 revolver (US)
  • Eintossflammenwerfer (single-use flamethrower for Germans)

Weapon Changes

  • Melee bashing for most weapons
  • Heavy machine guns now can only aim down sights when deployed.
  • Vickers MG ammo count decreased from 250 to 100.
  • Time before being able to fire when deploying MG’s & deployed reloads decreased.
  • Time before being able to fire when chambering a round or reloading for bolt actions and shotguns decreased.
  • Time between melee weapon hits decreased.
  • Bayonet for Ithaca shotgun.
  • Heavier weapons are now a bit slower to ADS.
  • Bren and BAR slight recoil reduction.
  • Bren and Panzerschreck iron sight FOV tweaks to make aiming easier.
  • Bazooka, Panzerschreck and PIAT damage increased slightly (approx 5%).
  • Panzerfaust damage reduced slightly (approx 10%).
  • M1 Carbine slightly reduced free aim for better hipped fire control.

Expanded Fire Support

  • Cooldown timers for fire support at beginning of the round, depending on the team and support option.
  • Cooldown times displayed in radial menu options.
  • Stuka dive bomber for Germans.
  • Mustang strafing run for US.
  • Carpet bombing run for all factions.

User interface

The following are still in a very early state, so layouts are incomplete and they are using placeholder art or text.

  • New Team Selection menu when joining a match. Also where units enabled for the map can be selected. (Note: only developers can select units at this time)
  • Profile Menu:
    • View your rank progress.
    • View progress of achievements and awards.
    • Manage your unit inventory.
    • View stats for maps, weapons, and modes.

If you have feedback from testing, please post in the Steam Community. Thank you, and see you in the servers!