Inspired by the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie, New World Interactive is releasing its second free update for their highly-rated PC shooter Day of Infamy on July 21st. The update includes two new maps featuring the evacuation of Dunkirk and battle of Breville.

“Our Dunkirk map offers a unique gameplay perspective by inverting the flow of battle so it ends on the beach instead of starting there,” explains creative director Andrew Spearin.

“The Miracle of Dunkirk” was one of the biggest turning points of WWII. With the fate of the Allied forces hanging in the balance, a flotilla of civilian crafts helped evacuate 338,226 troops that were cut off and surrounded on the beach of Dunkirk, France.

The update also includes another new map that focuses around the Battle of Breville; in which paratroopers from the British 6th Airborne Division successfully liberated the small village of Bréville-les-Monts in France, just days after D-Day. The battle was dubbed “one of the most important battles of the invasion”.

“The Breville map highlights our new foliage system while the gameplay is highly intense from extensive testing in collaboration with our community,” says Spearin.

The free Day of Infamy Dunkirk Update includes:

  • New Map: Dunkirk – The Wehrmacht push back the Commonwealth forces to the beaches as they capture the town.
  • New Map: Breville – Allied soldiers attempt to capture this sunny French town during the invasion of Normandy.
  • New foliage system – Grassy fields add an immersive layer of concealment to many of Day of Infamy’s maps, improving the graphic fidelity of the Source engine.

The launch will coincide with a Twitch livestream on Friday, July 21st @ 12:00 EDT on New World’s Twitch channel. New World has been refining both maps with the community on the stream over the last month. Footage of those tests is available on New World Interactive’s YouTube account.

Day of Infamy started in 2015 as a mod for the Steam Top Seller Insurgency, created by the developers at New World and members of their modding community. Since then, New World has worked hard to stay true to their design roots established by Insurgency, but also shaped Day of Infamy into a unique World War II shooter that can stand on its own. To date the game has sold over 200,000 copies and has led the WWII shooter revival.

Day of Infamy is available for purchase on Steam, The Humble Store, as well as a variety of other digital PC game retailers.

The Dunkirk update is live on Steam, so ensure to update your game. Below is the full changelist:

New Content

  • Maps:
    • Bréville
    • Dunkirk
  • Skyboxes:
    • doi_sky14 for Bréville, bright blue sky, sunny day
    • doi_sky15 for Dunkirk, blue sky, clear day
  • Environment Art:
    • Butcher, Bakers, Cafe & Bar props
    • Dock cranes, Ferriswheel & Small Boats
    • Matilda, Cromwell, Bofors AA Gun

New Features

  • New Foliage Rendering System (Version 1.0)
    • Supports new grass detail objects.
    • Generated using the ‘foliage_generate’ command.
    • Generated on any displacement surface with a ‘grass’ surface property.
  • Custom foliage shader.

Updated Features

  • Switched to using a different memory allocation class to catch more memory errors.
  • Improved the WorldGGX shader spherical area light calculations.
  • Improved singleplayer/practice performance by letting the local server code run on a separate thread.
  • Improved Practice menu behaviour, unavailable game modes will no longer clutter the screen.
  • Players will now gain score and experience when they regroup with their team.

Updated Content

  • Updated tanks in Crete with new Matilda model.
  • Updated Junkers 52 in Crete (can now run out onto the wing to use as a higher vantage point).

Coop Changes

  • Entrenchment:
    • The difficulty will slowly scale up as the round goes on to improve pacing, this can be identified by a distant yelling.
    • Firesupport is no longer called on random players, instead it will always be called on the currently held objective.
  • AI:
    • Fixed a pathing bug where bots were getting stuck on the sides of objects while trying to avoid an obstacle, most noticeably on door frames.

Map Changes

  • Reichswald: updated fog settings and replaced Sherman with Cromwell tank.
  • Foy: added Entrenchment blockzone.
  • Comacchio: adjusted Entrenchment blockzone.

Bug Fixes

  • Slightly improved a VBSP displacement error message to make it easier to debug for level designers.
  • Replaced server command buffer execution calls in the bot code with direct calls.
  • Switched to a different memory allocation class to improve the stability of the engine.
  • Fixed an issue that caused maps to not always show the correct localized names.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to destroy fuel dumps before they were active objectives.
  • Fixed a crash that was caused by certain key binding combinations when using the numbered radial menu.
  • Fixed Comacchio Raid target that couldn’t be destroyed.
  • Improved UI panels for players that play with a 21:9 aspect ratio.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an unlock image to show an error texture.
  • Fixed random status report chatter from bots.
  • Fixed numerous map environmental flaws.

UPDATE 7/31/17: We are releasing a hotfix today to address some issues with the recent Dunkirk update. These changes are as follows:

Bug Fixes

  • Hide featured playlists to avoid showing duplicate entries in the Practice menu
  • Fixed Steam Friends icon display option in the “Game” settings menu has been fixed
  • Fixed a crash caused by rendering multiple views with foliage enabled which would often occur when a player used a rifle with a scope
  • Fixed a minor memory leak caused by the foliage rendering system’s lighting data array not being cleaned up properly when loading a new level
  • Increased the barrel length of the M1 Garand to stop it from allowing you to peek through walls using a 4x scope

Map Changes

  • Fixed a bug in the map script of Dunkirk that let you join the opposing faction in Stronghold
  • Fixed an issue in Dunkirk’s map script that caused certain classes to be displayed twice.
  • Fixed the Germans regrouping too close to objective A when playing Dunkirk Entrenchment
  • Fixed a block zone in Bréville that didn’t get disabled when a team would retake C in Frontline.
  • Fixed Dunkirk’s overview showing up for Comacchio
  • Several other minor fixes and tweaks for Dunkirk and Bréville

Updated Content

  • Updated the collision model of the ship that contains the radio on Dunkirk’s beach
  • Added shadow casting for foliage when the Global Shadow Quality is set to Medium or higher
  • Improved the rendering speed of the new foliage rendering system by a factor of 10-100x

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Updated the developer console’s font sizes and color scheme.
  • Removed cheat flag from cl_ragdoll_physics_bullet_impact_strength, cl_ragdoll_physics_blood_decal_distance, cl_ragdoll_dismember_chance, cl_ragdoll_dismember_spray_threshold