We are releasing an update to Insurgency today, which adds a new map Embassy, a compass HUD element, new Squad Leader radial menu, new voice commands, and various other fixes and improvements. There should also be a noticeable improvement in stability for OS X users.

Learn more about the design process into the new compass and radial menus on our new blog. The compass can be toggled by a key bind, and also certain variables tweaked with custom cvars. It will also automatically display when you use the radial menu, or when a teammate calls out an order or enemy contact. A separate Squad Leader radial menu has been added, and they can now use the same menu as the subordinate players (Affirmative, Negative, etc). All radial voice commands also have versions of voice over that play when the player is suppressed.

We have also launched a new company website at newworldinteractive.com – along with the relaunch of our official forums. There is also a Roadmap on Trello that you can follow the development of what we are working on next, what’s being tested, and are taking requests from the community. Check it out!

You can see the full changelist below:

New Features:

  • Embassy map
    • Multiplayer modes: Firefight, Ambush, Elimination, Skirmish, Push, Occupy, and Strike
    • Cooperative modes: Checkpoint, Hunt, Survival, and Outpost
  • Compass HUD element.
  • Squad Leader radial menu.
  • New voice commands.

UX Changes:

  • Redesigned radial menu:
    • Removed floating markers (enemy spotting, move to, etc), these now appear as icons on the compass.
    • Added directional callouts (“Enemy contact, North!” or “Move South-East.”).
    • Added keybinding options for every radial menu command.
    • Added new control schemes for selecting radial menu options:
    • Scrolling: Hold down the radial key and scroll to select an option.
    • Numbered: Press C and a number key, does not lock your aiming.
  • Voice chevrons around floating squad icons now also appear for radial commands.
  • Added squad leader specific radial menu, the center radial option switches between leader/subordinate menus. This can be bound to a unique key.
  • Added cl_hud_firemode_show_always convar which, when enabled, will result in the firemode display always being visible.
  • The Outpost and Survival level display is now where the clock is in other modes.
  • The active objective icon HUD element has been merged with the dock. Entering an objective will show a larger icon for the active objective as well as showing the progress.

Gameplay improvements:

  • Added tactical reloads to the shotguns.
  • A player will be pushed away from a wall if there is no room for the extents of their body.
  • Limited the amount of time that players can get infinite resupplies if they don’t leave their spawn (default: 45 seconds).
  • Unlimited resupplying is completely disabled in Push during the last stand.
  • Buckshot fires 12 pellets rather than 9, spread increased.
  • Lag compensation now factors in pose parameters.
  • Flashbang effects are visible when spectating a player in first person.

Content improvements:

  • New and improved character animations:
    • Reloading and firing are now properly animated for bolt action rifles and shotguns.
    • Players hold and reload all SMGs correctly.
    • Rifles, SMGs and shotguns are kept shouldered when running while standing or crouching.
    • New start of round idles for all weapon types.
    • New grenade throw animations for standing and crouching.
    • New stance transition animations (stand to crouch, crouch to prone etc.).
    • Pistol slides move when firing.
    • The model of the C4/IED will change to the detonator when appropriate.
    • The warhead from the RPG will now disappear after it has been fired.
    • Various other fixes.
    • Empty shell casings eject from third person character models.
    • Suppressed weapons emit muzzle smoke when fired, and smoke trail after firing by the third person character.
  • New M40 and M590 world models.
  • Updated the prone positions in third person so your player model head is where the first person view is, no longer the crotch.
  • Shotgun pumping animation is now a separate animation and functions the same way as bolt-action rifles (eg. you can suspend the pumping sequence by holding down the left mouse button after firing).
  • Improved water explosion sounds.
  • Fixed players not hearing the same HQ or radial command voice over lines.
  • Opposing team will hear voice over triggered by radial menu commands.
  • Added HQ voice overs for hero captures and one minute remaining warnings.
  • The radial menu now has separate dialogue that plays when the speaker is suppressed, just as the responses do.

Map changes:

  • Ministry
    • Pillars added to lobby area
    • Retextured many areas of the map
    • Booth in the middle of the parking garage reconstructed to not be completely solid
  • Market
    • Building on the beach reconstructed as a two-storey police station.
    • Clipped all stairs to smooth vertical movement
  • Panj
    • Skirmish Security cache location altered to not be hit by RPG from Insurgent spawn.
  • District
    • Added player clipping to exploited locations.
  • Tell
    • Small tweaks to security cover outside push A and push C objectives. Moved last stand cache out of the path of spawning insurgents.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several Source engine exploits including the VTF arbitrary code execution exploit.
  • Fixed bullet penetration not hitting a prop multiple times. This allows you to shoot through some props where it was previously impossible such as the dumpster or vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug where changing stance while shooting would cause the reload animation to start playing.
  • Fixed exploit through setting cl_headbob_amp to high values.
  • Fixed the cache discovery lines in Hunt playing when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed VoIP radio filter not scaling to the client’s voice volume.
  • Fixed bipod twitching on the M249 and RPK in third person.
  • Fixed issue with Workshop where the custom/workshop directory tree would not be created on a fresh install.
  • Fixed grenade world models so that they will roll less.
  • Fixed bots reporting their own deaths.
  • Improved cl_ads_weapon_fov_scale so that it gives consistent results.
  • Fixed floating EOTech reticle on the M16A4/M4A1 when the weapon is blocked.
  • Fixed friendly fire VO not playing.
  • Improved water bullet impact particles.
  • OS X:
    • Reduced the amount of memory being used by textures.
    • Retina display resolutions are now selectable.


  • Fixed outdated ISteamUGC items not being updated on a dedicated server.
  • Allowed materials and textures under materials/vgui to be modified on sv_pure 1.
  • Added support for uploading multi-part VPK files. When uploading, select the VPK that ends with “_dir”.
  • Checkpoint maps can now override the game’s counter-attack chance by adding a counterattack_chance block under settings (like this).
  • In the maptxt “nightlighting” and “navfile” have been moved up to the top level so that it’s not under a gamemode. You will need to update this in your own maps.
  • Added “draw_speed”, “holster_speed”, “reload_speed” and “bolt_speed” to both weapons and upgrades. The value is an animation speed multiplier.
  • Added “weapon_requirements” block to weapons which defines criteria for weapon interactions:
    • “firing_ironsights”: Firing requires the player to ADS.
    • “firing_bipod”: The player must be bipodded to fire.
    • “firing_stationary”: The player must be stationary to fire.
    • “ironsights_bipod”: The player must be bipodded to ADS.
    • “ironsights_stationary”: The player must be stationary to ADS.
    • “reload_empty”: The weapon must be empty to be reloaded.
    • “reload_bipod”: The weapon can only be reloaded when bipodded.
    • “reload_stationary”: You must be stationary to reload.
  • Enabled func_monitor support.
  • Fixed game_player_equip entity.
  • Added Explode, MakeDud and SetPlayerOwner inputs to explosive entities.

Known Bug:

  • OS X users moving their cursor outside of the radial menu bounds may experience a locked cursor, this can be fixed by opening the scoreboard or clicking the left mouse button.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 19TH: We’ve just released a hot fix today that will require everyone to update. The update fixes an animation memory issue and some more significant issues for Mac users. Full changelist below:

General Fixes

  • Fixed anim block size on player animations which should reduce instances of T-posing.
  • Fixed radial menu sometimes playing old “need backup” lines.
  • Last man standing audio should no longer play when a team still has waves.
  • Removed background on chat panel except for when typing.

OSX Fixes

  • Fixed cursor not hiding after closing the radial menu or scoreboard.
  • Fixed blurry rendering.
  • Fixed text being cut off after the number on the numbered radial menu.