We’re releasing a patch today to fix some of the bugs that have been reported since the Flak Tower update. If you have any more issues, please report them via the New World support form!

Known Issues

  • Bots tend to just stand around when the doors are closed on Flakturm VII Entrenchment.

Map Changes

  • Flakturm VII
    • Enlarged catwalk area on the 3rd floor of the tower to give players at the bottom more cover from players at the top of the tower.
    • Fixed Stronghold spawning bug that caused players to spawn too close to the enemy.
    • Fixed Entrenchment spawning bug that caused the enemy to spawn within the tower too early.
    • Moved the generator room spawn to prevent people from spawning inside a railing.
    • Removed a dark spot near one of the secondary staircases going up to the ammo storage
    • Fixed several navigation mesh issues.
    • Fixed issue that marked navigation areas underneath blast doors as blocked when they weren’t.
  • Foy
    • Fixed a navigation mesh issue that caused bots to walk into a wall.
  • Dog Red
    • Underground bunker interior art pass
    • Underground bunker interior clipping pass

Balance Changes

  • Adjusted Model 1917 supply cost to 2.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed blast doors blocking simulated entities such as grenades and rockets even when the doors are open or destroyed.
  • Fixed VBSP light source gathering issue for WorldGGX surfaces.
  • Fixed several crash on exit issues.
  • Fixed issue that allowed Commonwealth to use the Model 1917.

Micropatch Fixes

(these have been released over the past few days since the Flak Tower update)

  • Fixed macOS startup crash.
  • Fixed Windows startup crash.
  • Fixed inventory UI crash that occurred when changing graphics.
  • Fixed buildcubemaps vtex DLL error.