Today we are releasing a big update with new content, gameplay balance, performance improvements, bug fixes, and a new supply gain economy feature.

The update contains multiple new weapons – most significantly the M3 Grease Gun and the C96 (both pistol and primary versions). It also introduces binoculars, which can be found under the new “Utility” slot. Binoculars can help you spot enemies far away, and also may be used by the officer to more quickly and efficiently call precise artillery.

Multiple maps have seen gameplay changes, and some new ‘In Testing’ content has been added such as updates to work in progress maps Salerno and Astonia, as well as an early implementation of dismemberment.


Dismemberment in Testing

On the ‘In Testing’ playlist, you may now try dismemberment. It currently only applies to the American forces. Custom servers may enable dismemberment if they are interested in trying it, with the console command “sv_ragdoll_dismemberment”. Dismemberment will not be added to the default game experience until it’s fleshed out more and is supported for each faction.

Map Contest and Livestream

We recently launched a map contest with GameBanana and Mapcore, sponsored by Corsair, and we are very excited about some of the maps in progress. We will be hosting a livestream this Sunday October 2nd at 2:00 pm EST at to showcase some of the maps and talk about our level design. We will even hop into Source’s Hammer level editor and create a level with help from the chat. So come on out!

Update Changelist:

New Content

  • New Weapons
    • M3 Grease Gun
    • C-96 (Pistol & Carbine versions)
    • Brass knuckles for American Officer
  • New Equipment
    • Binoculars

New Features

  • New way of quickly calling in artillery using binoculars.
  • New multiplayer supply gain economy
    • Players now earn supply each time they capture an objective or get 5 combined kills/assists.
    • Supply is awarded upon respawning or touching a friendly spawn.
    • Supply costs for weapons and equipment are weighted based on effectiveness.

Performance Improvements

  • Reduced use of jigglebones on characters in the game to potentially mitigate performance issues caused when lots of players are rendered.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Liberation win conditions have been changed so that if the time runs out and there are contested objectives, the round will keep going until these objectives are secured by one of the teams.
  • Updated squad layouts based on feedback:
    • Assault Class is now limited to 3 (formerly unlimited) for assault squads, and 2 (formerly 3) for support squads.
    • Engineer Class is now limited to 1 (formerly 2) for assault squads, and 2 (formerly 1) for support squads.
    • Sniper Class is now limited to 2 (formerly 3) for assault squads.
  • Weapon balance improvements:
    • Sniper rifles now have more sway than previously, requiring players to use the “focus” (Shift key) feature in order to be effective snipers. This was done to make sniping less casual and a bit more challenging.
    • Webley and Welrod damages increased at closer ranges.
    • M1919 hip fire and non-bipod fire is harder to control.
    • M1 Garand weight decreased.
    • White Phosphorous damage increased from 36 to 80 every second.
    • Flamethrower range increased from 550 to 700 units.
    • Flamethrower damage now scales over range. Previously it did a flat 20 damage at all ranges; now it scales from 35 to 10 based on distance.
    • Reduced supply cost of Panzerfaust from 4 to 3.
    • Added 2 extra clips by default for the M1 Garand.

User Experience Improvements

  • Servers using the official playlist are no longer able to force workshop mods on users.
  • Forced a couple of sourcemod plugins to be off if they’re in the official playlists.

Modding Changes

  • Added AI mapscript entry “max_vision_range” for overriding bot vision distance to fine-tune their vision behavior in maps that use fog.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a major bug in Frontline where the Allied team advancing on the German radio would cause the Germans to lose all their reinforcement waves, but this was not happening the other way around when the Germans advance on the Allied radio. Removed this all together, so that teams have sufficient opportunity to counter-attack.
  • Improved leaning animation response, first person is now more in sync with third person.
  • Fixed bolt state not being reset on weapon holster, this could be abused to speed up the bolting process.
  • Character eyes should no longer shine super bright when they are in the dark.

Map Changes

  • Ortona:
    • Moved Offensive Objective A.
    • Added second floor to Offensive Objective A building.
    • Added additional windows top floor Offensive Objective A building.
    • Fixed several reported map flaws.
    • Removed back entrance of building opposite the cathedral.
    • Added additional cover inside cathedral.
    • Added new defensive position to building near new Offensive objective A.
  • Dog Red:
    • Expanded 3dskybox
    • Clipped additional single-width doors.
  • Sicily:
    • Adjusted Allied Frontline start spawn location.
    • Clipped all single-width doors.
    • Added additional routes off beach.
    • Added new route through first row of buildings.
    • Updated 3dskybox
  • Comacchio:
    • Adjusted church steeple stairs.
    • Clipped all single-width doors.
    • Changed Entrenchment initial axis spawn location.
  • Bastogne:
    • Altered farm house.
    • Updated numerous props.
    • Continued optimization.
    • Updated snow texture.
    • Fixed/updated soundscapes.
  • Salerno (“In Testing” playlist only)
    • Added courtyard at Axis spawn area.
    • Added windows at Allies Liberation objective.
    • Adjusted restricted zone for Americans liberation spawn zone.
    • Adjusted routes inside church.
    • Moved Americans neutral spawn in frontline a tad closer to center.
    • Added additional cover in Frontline Americans objective.
    • Added an upstairs area for the last Axis offensive objective building.
    • Added cover to the large balcony in the center of the map.
    • Numerous gameplay tweaks throughout the map.
    • Updated visuals in the overall map.
    • Updated soundscapes.
  • Astonia (“In Testing” playlist only):
    • Added Stronghold and Entrenchment modes.
    • Revised city center.
    • Changed Frontline objectives and spawn zones.
    • Continued optimization.
    • Updated numerous textures.
    • Clipped single-width doors.
    • Added shack next to pond.
    • Modified numerous buildings.