We livestreamed on the official Insurgency Twitch channel on January 17th at 3pm EST to reveal Day of Infamy, our new community mod project. We were joined by special guests LevelCap, Matimi0, DevilDogGamer, Shermanator, and Westie. Check out the full broadcast below:

Day of Infamy marks a turning point for Insurgency’s development. It’s the manifestation of several years’ work creating a tactical shooter platform that can be modified into an entirely new era, while maintaining the core gameplay that Insurgency is renowned for,” explains creative director Andrew Spearin.

The current build of the free mod is available on Workshop and requires the beta branch of Insurgency to be enabled. A guide on how to opt into the beta is found here.

Two DoI maps also need to be subscribed to on Workshop, including the Normandy invasion with “Dog Red” and the Battle of the Bulge with “Bastogne”.

NWI CEO and game director Jeremy Blum along with creative director Andrew Spearin will be joining community manager Michael Tsarouhas to explain how this mod project will emerge with the help of the community in shaping its direction. We will also follow up with more detailed post outlining how you can become involved as a content creator.

“Not only is Insurgency a great platform for a gritty WWII game, but with such a vast global setting where so many factions and locations may be represented, it is the ideal platform for a community-created game,” says Jeremy Blum, who also was the founder of the original Red Orchestra mod. “Modders can create the factions and environments they wish to play in, and NWI will help ensure their work is integrated and accessible to the public.”

There are a few known issues with the mod, as some art work is placeholder or incomplete and a known crash to desktop.