Today we are releasing a patch to address a crash and some gameplay balance since our most recent update. See the changelist below.

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed an entity limit crash on Sicily.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Made adjustments to the multiplayer supply economy based on feedback.
    • Supply Cost Changes
      • Bayonets, Stripper Clips and Slings were all reduced in cost for the Rifleman class, now only 1 supply each.
      • M1 Garand default supply reduced from 5 to 4.
      • Thompson with 30 round magazine was reduced from 10 to 8 total supply. The base Thompson with 20 round magazine now costs 6 instead of 7, and the 30 round magazine upgrade costs 2 instead of 3.
      • BAR supply reduced from 7 to 6 for American Support class.
    • Default Loadout Changes
      • Extra grenade for German and British Rifleman added to default loadout to offset cheaper stripper clips.
      • Sling for American Rifleman added to default loadout to offset cheaper M1 Garand.
  • Updated third person crouch leaning animations and crouch idle positions to line up better with where the first person camera is.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where AI weren’t losing accuracy against sprinting/moving targets.
  • Fixed an issue with brass knuckles not playing any audio.

Updated Content

  • New Mills grenade model and texture.
  • Charging handle for Grease gun with correct reload animation.

Map Changes

  • Sicily
    • Reduced entities to fix crashes.
    • Polished 3d skybox.
  • Comacchio
    • Fixed Frontline axis radio position that was spawning inside a prop.
    • Moved the Entrenchment Axis objective A spawn.
    • Modified so bots will cross the river in a few spots near the bridge to solve a movement problem with Entrenchment mode.
    • Modified displacements on destroyed buildings near the bridge so the bricks don’t look stretched.
    • Clipped a few spots where bots would get stuck.
    • Removed spots from navmesh where bots would get stuck.
  • Reichswald
    • Removed stuck spots at front entrenchments.
  • Bastogne
    • Expanded skybox for urban area.
    • Tweaked skybox fog levels.
    • Reblended some textures.
    • Fixed a supply crate position.

‘In Testing’ Playlist Updates

  • Updated Salerno map
  • Added dismemberment for Germans