We have released a substantial new update for Day of Infamy today. It includes performance improvements, anti-cheat, destructible walls, bayonet charging, improved character art, helmets that fly off, a new map in testing, and more! Check out the full changelist below:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that the anti cheat program BattlEye is required to play on official servers. If you do not use it your game may crash while trying to connect to a server running an NWI playlist.

Performance Improvements

  • Map Performance Pass
    • Sicily
    • Ortona
  • Model Performance Pass
    • All character models, improved LODs and bones collapsed in higher LODs.
    • Third person weapons improved LODs.

New Content

  • Added BattlEye anti-cheat.
  • New map: Saint Lo – Inspired by DoD “Thunder” now available in the “in testing” playlist.
  • New weapon: German “Splitterring Stielhandgranate”
  • New weapon upgrades:
    • American “White Phosphorous” bazooka round.
    • M1 Garand grenade launcher.
  • Suppression audio heartbeat effect heard when suppressed and under 40% health.
  • Shootable Bells on the following maps:
    • Bastogne
    • Comacchio
    • Ortona
    • Salerno
    • Sicily
  • “Explosive planted” VO for TNT for all factions.
  • 1st person screen desaturation shader tied to low player health.
  • Caps for German officers.

Updated Content

  • Improved shading on character models using new SurfaceGGX shader.
  • New Springfield & grenade launcher models.
  • Bayonet option now added to all bolt action rifles regardless of class type.
  • New lighting in the kit selection menu when shader detail is set to “high” or above.
  • Particle tails now added to rifle grenades & launcher rounds.
  • Added pilot light particles to flamethrowers.
  • Improved TNT textures for all factions.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Destructible walls allowing for new flanking routes added to all maps.
  • Bayonets can now be charged for a guaranteed kill by holding the attack key.
  • Helmets now have a percentage chance to be knocked off characters by headshots or nearby explosions.
  • Reduce confusing battle sounds from soundscape ambiences.
  • Rebalanced grenade launchers to use grenade damage values.

Bug Fixes

  • White phosphorous impact grenades no longer bounce or roll after detonation.
  • Fixed missing prop dynamic override on Bastogne.
  • Fixed bots occasionally not being assigned their fuel tank when using flamethrowers.
  • Fixed missing localization string for “Radial Request Artillery” in the keybinding menu.
  • Fixed grenade launcher reload skipping.
  • Fixed bad angular velocity impulses being applied to the Bazooka round.
  • Fixed smoke grenade particle alignment.
  • Fixed exit impacts for bullet penetration.

Cooperative Improvements

    • Stronghold:
      • New Counter Attack Mechanic:
        • After capturing a point, an enemy will retreat to call in a counter attack. If he gets there safely, the enemy army will assault the captured position with intensity. Look for the swearing, sprinting soldier who holstered his weapon!
        • During a counter attack artillery may be called against the players.
      • Round timer changed from 20 minutes to 5 minutes, which will reset on each point captured. The final radio objective time has been reduced to 90 seconds so be quick to destroy it.
      • Rare chance of elite, better equipped enemies spawning throughout the round.
      • On the final radio objective, fire support will be called against the players and elite enemies will be defending.


    • Elite, better equipped enemies will start appearing towards the end of the round.
    • In Solo mode, any living ally will head to the regroup point to reinforce the team when it is unlocked, allowing the player to keep fighting.
  • Other:
    • Easy difficulty changes:
      • Allied bots will endlessly spawn in Stronghold.
      • Enemy bots will take 2.5x longer to react.
    • AI will try to avoid and repath around areas with death and gunfire.
    • German Engineer bot now has a C96 Carbine.
    • Allied bots are now 50% more accurate.
    • Fixed a bug where flamethrower bots were burning to death on spawn.

Map Changes:

  • Ortona
    • Changed defender spawn location for Objective A in Offensive.
    • Fixed church window clipping issue.
    • Fixed numerous exploits and community identified flaws.
    • Major art pass on all areas of the map.
    • Minor layout adjustments to improve level flow and performance.
  • Comacchio
    • Fixed player clip allowing players to get outside of the map bounds.
    • Minor art pass on several areas of the map.
  • Reichswald
    • Fixed stuck spots at front of entrenchments.
    • Fixed several issue throughout the map.
    • Minor performance improvements.
  • Salerno
    • Adjusted Salerno entrenchment mode to improve gameplay.
    • Adjusted Salerno Offensive mode to make it more balanced.
    • Fixed numerous exploits throughout the map.
    • Adjusted several areas of the map to improve level flow.
    • Updated soundscapes.
    • Clipping pass to smooth out player movement.
  • Sicily
    • Minor layout adjustments to improve level flow and performance.
    • Fixed small clipping issue near bakery.
    • Fixed several small issues throughout the map.


UPDATE 11-24-16: We are releasing a hotfix today that addresses some issues. Details below:

Bug Fixes

  • SurfaceGGX will now fallback to VertexLitGeneric on macOS to prevent characters from rendering in black.
  • Fixed Linux crashing on level load due to a GLSL translation error.
  • Fixed cases where crash handler would keep running after the game has been closed.
  • Fixed floating grenade projectile when firing rifle grenade.
  • Shootable bells can now only be rung from being shot, meleed or hit with explosives.

Cooperative Tweaks

  • Stronghold
    • Only radiomen will fall back to trigger the counter attack
    • Decreased counter attack instant respawn from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
    • Reduced counter attack artillery chance from 50% to 35%.
    • Reduced the enemy count on the Dog Red final bunker and increased the respawn time.
    • Reduced the enemy count on the Sicily beachhead.
  • Removed health bonus on officer bots.
  • Reduced bot bayonet damage from 100 to 50.
  • Fixed flamethrower bots not firing sometimes.

Map Changes

  • Ortona
    • Fixed Frontline restricted areas, scenario added back to multiplayer playlist.
    • Removed clip brush in a building near to the cathedral.
    • Re-added stairs in the axis radio building.
    • Navmesh updated.
  • Comacchio
    • Navmesh updated.


  • Bells can now also be rung if you press the use key on them.
  • BattleEye now also enabled on PvP and coop servers in the main playlist in addition to “in testing”.
  • Tweaked grenade launcher fire animations.
  • Improved readability of respawn information in the spectator HUD.