Today we release another patch for the game, based on additional feedback received. This one mostly contains gameplay improvements.

Below is the full list of changes for today’s patch:

Gameplay Improvements

  • Stronghold enemy bot reinforcements are now wave-driven instead of continuous. This means that when you take out a group of enemies, your squad has an opportunity to advance before more enemies arrive at the scene.
  • Singleplayer enemy bot counts have been tweaked based on testing and feedback. Singleplayer missions should be a bit more achievable than previously.
  • Flamethrower damage now has a falloff, so that the further away you are from the origin of the flame, the less damage you take.
  • Increased the burning damage threshold needed to be set on fire.
  • Support squads now have only 2 machinegunner and sniper slots instead of 3 each. Defenders in Dog Red for example, can now only have up to 4 snipers and 4 machinegunners, instead of 6 of each.
  • AI teammates are now disabled in Patrol Coop and bot counts have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Fixed reverse capture points in Bastogne Liberation causing you to earn more waves for capturing the near objective instead of the far objective as it’s supposed to be.
  • Added ammo crates to Ortona for Coop modes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed main menu options being cut off on ultra widescreen setups.
  • Fixed a bug preventing map vote from coming up after winning a round in Cooperative.
  • Fixed flamethrower incorrectly applying radial damage through walls.

User Experience Improvements

  • Added Help option on main menu that redirects you to our knowledgebase and support ticket system.
  • Added more loading screen hints to explain focusing, fire mode selection, what to do if you’re the last man standing, reminding players enemies can hear you, and explaining that defenders have a natural advantage which can be overcome with coordination, smoke and fire support.