Today we release our first patch for Day of Infamy, based upon some of the initial feedback we received and major issues we noticed.

We would like to point out that the singleplayer missions have been improved in this patch, but they still have a way to go. We will be spending considerable time improving this experience leading up to the full release.

Below is the full list of changes for today’s patch:

User Experience Improvements

  • Adjusted difficulties in the game. Now there are only two, and they have been renamed:
    • Classic – Gameplay representing the classic WWII games – death notices, friendly fire disabled.
    • Grit – New World’s rendition of more intense and suspenseful gameplay – no death indication, and friendly fire enabled.
  • Added random gameplay hints to the loading screen.
  • User interface adjustments:
    • US Army icon updated.
    • Game mode added to server info.
    • Brightened server list text to increase legibility.
    • Images added to rule set filter in server browser.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Radio operators will receive assist points for artillery kills.
  • Adjusted bot counts (both friendly and enemy) in cooperative and singleplayer.
  • Added “possession” feature for singleplayer, so that instead of losing when you die, you take over a nearby friendly soldier. You will lose only if your whole squad is wiped out.
  • Friendly bots no longer respawn constantly in coop/single player, unless specified in a map objective. Now they default to spawning when humans spawn (objective/regroup based).
  • Regrouping added as the method of reinforcement in singleplayer Entrenchment.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when selecting “Setup Microphone”.
  • Fixed crash when change level was called without a gamemode.
  • Fixed not being able to join coop servers due to too many bots.
  • Fixed being able to call in artillery with your own radio if you switched to officer during gameplay.
  • Adjusted rounds per minute values on semi-automatics to prevent macro abuse.
  • Fixed equipping the flamethrower as a US Army engineer. This was caused by the fuel tank weight not being taken into account properly.
  • Fixed assist points being assigned to the wrong player.
  • Fixed artillery kills on kill feed enabled servers showing as the weapon you have out.
  • Fixed “rifle grenade” selection not being removed from your inventory when you dropped a weapon equipped with rifle grenades.
  • Disabled tree sway for swamp trees in Reichswald.
  • Fixed bots occasionally spawning in the prone position.

Performance/Stability Improvements

  • Reduced bot counts in singleplayer to improve performance.
  • Fixed server-side crash when trying to transition to a map without the gamemode being defined.
  • Potential crash fix related to camera animations.