Today we are releasing a patch to address some issues and make some improvements based on feedback we have received since launching Beta. Full change list below:

Stability Fixes

  • Resolved crash when connecting to a different server.

New Features

  • Class loadouts can now be saved from the outfit selection menu.
    • Once you have selected a loadout to be saved, type a name for it in the box and click the “Save Loadout” button.
    • Loadouts which cost more supply than your current supply will be greyed out and unselectable.
  • Max squad size changed from 16 to 20 to support up to 40 player servers.
  • New Sabotage scenarios
    • Comacchio Sabotage
    • Reichswald Sabotage
    • Bastogne Sabotage
    • Saint Lo Sabotage

Game Mode Changes

  • Liberation

    • Added 3 starting waves for each team.
  • Offensive

    • Added new “auto regroup timer” which triggers after a second “dead player ratio” is reached. When 40% of the defending team dies, the regroup point opens up. When 60% of the defending team is dead, the 40 second timer is set.
  • Sabotage

    • Fixed a bug with spawning in the wrong location.
    • Defending team can no longer regroup when there is just 1 remaining target.
    • Now 40% of the defending team must die in order for a regroup point to unlock instead of 50%.


    • Increased the class limits across the board.

Balance Tweaks

  • Reduced the amount of pellets the Ithaca shotgun fires from 12 to 9.
  • Increased the Carpet Bomber bomb count from 12 to 16.
  • Increased the Stuka damage radius from 1400 to 1600.
  • Increased the effectiveness of the Strafing Run.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in the outfit selection UI where after selling one item, items which could now be purchased would not indicate this to the user.
  • Fixed enemy bots not having bayonets.

Level Design Changes

  • Bastogne

    • Updated main street in the town with more cover.
    • Added more defensive positions in and around the church.
    • Made a few more buildings accessible in the town.
    • Unblocked an area which was sealed off previously.
    • Updated Flak locations for sabotage.
    • Updated Liberation objective locations.
    • Revised Stronghold spawn locations.
    • Updated art in numerous areas of the map.
    • Continued optimization.
    • Fixed several glitches throughout the map.
  • Reichswald

    • Adjusted bridge area and bunker.
    • Adjusted Axis spawn/area to make it less easy for Allies to lockdown the area.
    • Moved Reichswald house to improve balance for Frontline and Liberation.
    • Extended lake to make the area more interesting and diverse.
    • Added more trees and cover around the Reichswald house.
    • Removed trees near Offensive A to improve line of sight for both factions.
    • Changed objective location Offensive, Liberation B and Frontline C to Bridge Bunker.
    • Updated Frontline objectives to improve balance.
  • Saint Lo

    • Made a few upstair’s areas accessible.
    • Moved the initial spawn for axis in frontline
    • Fixed several clipping issues
    • Closed off a broken wall
    • Updated all the rubble materials.
  • Comacchio

    • Updated Frontline and Liberation scenarios.
    • Various level design tweaks throughout the map.
  • Salerno

    • Tweaked spawn locations for Liberation and Frontline.
    • Fixed stuck spots.
    • Optimized navmesh.