Today we are releasing an update to Day of Infamy that includes many improvements to AI behaviors, bug fixes, and stability improvements. Full changelist below:

Stability Improvements

  • Reduced the amount of memory being used by the game. Crashing on OSX should be reduced as a result.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Added new VO response for the Commonwealth officer and subordinate.
  • Added bayonet option for M1 Carbine.
  • The Sten, BAR, Thompson and all LMGs are now open bolt.
  • Some bot count adjustments to Coop based on testing.
  • AI behavior improvements:
    • Bots throw smoke grenades more frequently if they have them.
    • Bots should behave a bit more strategically and display a bit more caution when indoors and moving through corridors / doorways.
    • Bots will now look around and scan the area when idle instead of just standing facing in the same direction.
    • If a bot is low on ammo, it will not pursue enemies.
  • New AI command response behaviors:
    • “Need backup” has nearby AI teammates gather around you.
    • “Move” sends AI teammates moving toward a particular location ahead.
    • “Hold position” has AI teammates find cover nearby and hold their position.
    • “Go” returns the AI to its default orders.
    • “Request Smoke” adds a grenade target for nearby AI friendlies.
    • “Spread out” makes your nearby AI teammates spread out.
    • “Stick together” makes your nearby AI teammates tighten their formation.
    • Bots will yell “Yes, sir” / “On the way” in response to commands.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scoreboard overview and class options being cut off on ultra-wide resolutions.
  • Getting kicked or timed out from a server will now show the main menu correctly.
  • Reworked some of the AI path costing code, so bots should avoid using the same route over and over again.
  • Fixed artillery assists not working.
  • Kill notifications no longer uses a specific color if the person is in your squad (this may have been causing confusion if relative team colors were disabled).
  • Improved ragdoll behavior.
  • Fixed some material related exploits.
  • Reduced instances of gear and weapon upgrades being visible or floating in the world when they shouldn’t be.
  • Atmospheric bloom setting now saves and loads properly.

Visual Improvements

  • New face models for Commonwealth.
  • Updated StG-44 first person animations.
  • M1 Carbine and Lewis texture improvements.
  • Scaled up Lewis gun model in third person.
  • Updated smoke particle.
  • Reduced broken radio sizzle particle.

User Experience Improvements

  • Updated American and Commonwealth class UI images.
  • A summary of the news article is now displayed on the main menu.
  • Added new loading screen hints for coop and single player modes.

Map Changes

  • Dog Red
    • Moved Offensive B objective to a different location.
    • Tweaked flanking routes on the beach to make it a bit easier for Allies to Reach A.
    • Reworked underground tunnel near Offensive B to make it less mazy.
    • Added new area for Axis final radio location and spawn in Offensive.
    • Adjusted several routes in the map to improve level flow for all modes.
    • Soundscape fixes and updates.
    • Fixed a displacement issue at A Offensive where players could get stuck.
    • Added lights inside the beach bunkers.
  • Comacchio
    • Axis can no longer spawn camp allies at Offensive C.
    • Adjusted the church capture zone.
    • Visual improvements to several buildings along the river.
    • Added new props inside multiple buildings.
    • Performance improvements throughout the map.
  • Sicily
    • Adjusted AI navmesh to repair stuck spot.
    • Adjusted AI cover behavior at several locations.
    • Fixed numerous environmental flaws.
    • Added new props.
    • Added several player clips to improve player movement.
  • Bastogne
    • Added additional cover and altered terrain height in the map’s middle section.
    • Optimized navmesh.