Today we are releasing a patch for Day of Infamy that includes optimizations, gameplay adjustments, and art updates.

Stability Improvements

  • Reduced the memory footprint of a lot of character and first person weapon assets to help improve stability on low end systems.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Increased the speed of all fire cycle, reload and grenade launcher equip/unequip animations for bolt actions.
  • Reduced the base cost of all bolt action rifles from 2 to 1.
  • Flamethrower splash radius increased from 128 to 160.
  • Flamethrower burn requirements have been tweaked. Players will catch alight more frequently but burn for less time.

Coop Modes

  • Entrenchment
    • Enemies capturing a point no longer disables the regroup point. It will only change after the point is captured.
  • Stronghold
    • An enemy wave will always spawn when the last point is unlocked.
    • Added a CVar to respawn an enemy bot wave when a point is captured: mp_stronghold_respawn_on_capture (off by default).
  • Behavior
    • Avoidance and navigation has been tweaked to prevent bots getting stuck on world objects.
    • Bots will be more careful when advancing and avoid areas with machinegun fire.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Sniper class being cut off on the kit selection screen on low resolution screens.
  • Fixed burned and blown up textures not showing on all character heads.
  • M1 Garand has been set to open bolt so you can’t +1 it by reloading it when it’s full.
  • Fixed flamethrowers not igniting alive players.

Visual Improvements

  • New BAR and Webley first person animations.
  • New empty reloads for the Thompson when you have 20 or 30 round magazines.
  • Improved various third person weapon models.
  • Updated textures for the German gear.
  • Adjusted character materials to improve the shading of character models.
  • New BAR weapon model.
  • Updated textures for Enfield, Lifebuoy, Bren and Springfield.
  • New US Entrenching tool weapon.
  • Added shortsleeve view models for british faction.
  • New world models for STG44, MP40 M1911, MK2, M1A1.
  • Visual improvements on M1911, Mk.2, STG44, MP40, MG42, and MG34.
  • Updated the water shader with a more realistic Fresnel term for reflections.

Map Changes

  • Dog Red
    • Entrenchment: Added an additional objective between the front bunkers and rear bunker.
    • Replaced lights in the beach bunkers with lamps.
    • Clipped the side of a beach bunker.
    • Fixed floating props.
    • Adjusted cover entities.
  • Comacchio
    • Adjusted cover entities.
  • Sicily
    • Adjusted cover entities.
    • Fixed floating bushes.
  • Bastogne
    • Adjusted cover entities and added numerous others.
    • Removed nav grids from under play area.
  • Reichswald
    • Adjusted cover entities.
  • Ortona
    • Started interior art pass.
    • Added/adjusted cover entities.