The latest milestone in Day of Infamy’s development has been reached, as we move from Alpha phase into Beta. Thank you to our passionate community, who provided feedback through our surveys, forums, and analytical data that enabled us to make some major changes. Maps such as Bastogne and Reichswald have been overhauled, improved balance to player classes, performance improvements, and various bug fixes.

We are also introducing several major features, such as stats and rankings, the unit system, air support, and new game modes. New shaders for characters and environment materials have boosted the graphic fidelity of the Source engine. As we move forward into the Beta phase, our focus will shift from experimentation to finalization. We will polish the visuals, improve the user experience, and finalize content.

Stats & Rankings

Official servers are now tracking player stats, that can be viewed in the Profile menu. There are several rank levels to attain, and when you advance, your character model will display the arm patch of your rank. Upon the game’s full launch, stats will be reset for all players.

Unit System

With the introduction of stats and rankings, we have created a system to reward players with an unlocked Unit inventory item when they rank up. These Units will be strictly cosmetic, adding diversity to each faction and expanding historic representation. With the beta release, we are providing one Unit per faction exclusively to our Early Access customers. Anyone who buys the game after launch next year will not be able to obtain these Units, unless they are traded for on Steam.

These “First Wave” Units are based upon units that served during the outset of the Second World War: Gordon Highlanders (Commonwealth), 1st Ranger Battalion (U.S. Army), and 1.Infanterie Division (German Wehrmacht). We already have several more Units in progress, such as Fallschirmjäger, 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions, 92nd “Buffalo Soldiers” Infantry Division, Canadian regiments, Australian regiments, Indian regiments, and even more planned.

Air Support

The addition of air support brings a new level of intensity to each battle. All factions now have a Carpet Bombing option, while the U.S. Army have a Mustang strafing run and the Germans have a Stuka dive bomber, with their fearsome siren.


View the full changelist below:

New Content

  • New stats system and player Profile menu.
  • Progress shown at the end of the round and in your player profile.
  • New ranking system.
  • Rank designation is visible on characters in the game.
  • New Unit system: Units are Steam Items which can be collected ingame and traded on Steam. Units change the way you appear ingame, each having a unique aesthetic look and appropriate insignia. In the future they will be unlockable using the game’s ranking system.
  • “First Wave” units provided exclusively to all Early Access players. These units will not be obtainable by non-early access purchasers unless traded for.
    • 1.Infanterie-Division (German Faction).
    • 1st Ranger Battalion (US Faction).
    • Gordon Highlanders (Commonwealth Faction).
  • New map: Saint-Lô
    • Saint-Lô is based on the classic Day of Defeat map Thunder, taking place in a destroyed and rainy French town.
  • New Sabotage multiplayer mode.
    • Tactical Attack/Defend mode where attackers must destroy three Flak-88 targets in the map. Attackers respawn only when they destroy one of the targets, while the defenders respawn by regrouping. Attackers get a supply drop when an objective is destroyed.
  • New weapons:
    • FG42 (German Faction.)
    • Einstossflammenwerfer 46 area denial weapon (German Faction.)
    • Vickers Machinegun (Commonwealth Faction).
    • M1917 single action revolver & Moon Clip upgrade (US Faction).
  • New radial support options:
    • Mustang machinegun run (US Faction).
    • Stuka dive bomber (German Faction).
    • Carpet bomber (All factions).
    • Supply crate drop (All factions).
  • New weapon features:
    • Melee bashing.
    • Visible slings on rifles.
    • Bayonet now available for the Ithaca shotgun.
  • Characters now wear gloves on cold weather maps.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved OGG Vorbis audio streaming to reduce stuttering on slower hard drives.
  • Performance passes on multiple maps.

Gameplay Improvements


  • Major class overhaul to provide more unique roles with dedicated class based attributes:
    • Officer – Fire support call in.
    • Rifleman – Enhanced stamina.
    • Assault – Quicker movement.
    • Support – More resistant to suppression.
    • Flamethrower – Extra weight capacity.
    • Communications – Speeds up objective captures.
    • Engineer – Faster reloading.
    • Machinegunner – Extra ammunition.
    • Sniper – Hold breath for longer (focus).

Game Modes

  • Redesigned Offensive mode
    • Defenders need to fall back & regroup to respawn.
    • Defenders also respawn when they lose an objective or if their whole team dies.
    • Attackers have modified reinforcements count and time between each wave.
  • Updated Frontline mode:
    • Starting wave counts & reinforcement times reworked.
    • When a team advances on their enemy’s radio, it cuts their enemy’s wave count to 0. The enemy can still counter-attack to gain additional waves.
  • Updated Liberation mode:
    • Modified starting wave counts & reinforcement times to make this more tactical with a heavy importance on each life.
  • Invasion mode:
    • The old Offensive, available on Dog Red, Sicily and Bastogne.
  • Support options disabled briefly at the beginning of the round:
    • Air support – 60 seconds
    • Artillery – 30 seconds
    • Smoke Artillery for attacking teams – Not Disabled.
    • Supply drops – Not Disabled.
    • Supply drops will replenish health when used to rearm.


  • Heavy weapons are now slower to ADS.
  • Heavy machineguns cannot ADS unless deployed.
  • Bren & Bar now have a slight recoil reduction.
  • Bren & Panzerschreck sight FOV tweak to make aiming easier.
  • Bazooka, Panzerschreck & PIAT damage increased slightly.
  • Panzerfaust damage reduced slightly.
  • M1 Carbine slightly reduced free aim for better hip fire control.
  • All machineguns can now fire faster after deploying & deployed reloading.
  • Bolt actions & shotguns can now fire faster after chambering a round or reloading.
  • Bells can no longer be rung by shooting them, must be “used” or triggered via explosives.
  • Destructible walls allowing for new flanking routes added to all maps. These walls are only destroyable with rockets or heavy explosives. Players receive a score bonus for blowing up a destructible wall.

Updated Content

  • Bastogne major layout overhaul.
  • Reichswald major layout overhaul & lighting pass.
  • New sleeve models & materials for 1st person arms.
  • Sliding now performs a baseball slide instead of knee slide.
  • Texture improvements for damaged Commonwealth & US radios.
  • Updated Ithaca shotgun model & textures.
  • Updated Welrod model & textures.
  • US bayonet texture updated.
  • New world GGX Shader.
  • Water shader now supports cascaded shadows.
  • Expanded voice over for existing characters to work for any class. A player’s voice over is now dependent on the  selected Unit, not on whether or not a player is an officer.
  • Removed American Officer character VO.

User Experience Improvements

  • New Faction / Unit Selection screen.
  • Improved Class / Outfit Selection screen.
  • Clearer UI images for German grenades.
  • Radial menu now shows which support assets are disabled or on cool down.
  • Radiomen & officers now have clear UI icons depicting their function.
  • Tutorial page added to main menu with video tutorials.

Bug Fixes

  • Smoke not being rendered through 3d scopes.
  • Can no longer prone into underwater.
  • Certain US classes not being assigned melee weapons.
  • Flamethrower pilot light not aligned when weapon is in down state.
  • Killing bots will no longer kick you from a practice game.

Cooperative Improvements

  • Disabled elite units for re-introduction at a later date.
  • Behavior updates:
    • Bots should now be much less aggressive when chasing targets.
    • Bots should now value their life a little more, and should hold their cover for longer.
  • Sensor updates:
    • Bots reaction times, field of view and hearing distances have been reduced to be less superhuman.
    • Added a morale system to soldiers. Gruesome deaths of allies (explosions, burning) may cause certain units to route and retreat.
    • Headshotting an officer will force nearby soldiers to retreat.
    • A unit will not rout if they have an officer nearby.
  • Entrenchment:
    • Air support may be called in against the defending players.
  • Stronghold:
    • Counter attack mechanics revised.
    • Counter attacks are no longer guaranteed.
    • Air support may be called in against the captured point.
    • A counter attack now spawns extra enemies.
    • A counter attack now lasts longer.
    • Reduced the amount of battle chatter from bots.
    • For modders: Officers/ game-mode logic will now call in fire support from the theater definitions.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where bots were unable to path to a destination due to too many deaths.
    • Bots will now always throw a grenade they have pulled the pin on.
    • Bots should stop freaking out about grenades they can’t see.

Map Changes

  • Sicily
    • Small layout adjustments to improve level flow and balance.
    • Raised skybox for air support.
    • Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
  • Ortona
    • Adjusted layout to improve level flow and balance.
    • Added lion statues.
    • Added more destructible walls.
    • Fixed several glitches throughout the map.
    • Raised skybox for air support.
  • Salerno
    • Small layout adjustments to improve level flow and balance.
    • Rosetta added to the church.
    • Raised skybox for air support.
  • Dog Red
    • Moved B objective Offensive.
    • Raised skybox for air support.
  • Bastogne
    • Major layout adjustment to improve level flow and balance.
    • Updated snow materials.
    • Added more detail throughout the map.
    • Raised skybox for air support.
  • Reichswald
    • Major layout adjustment to improve level flow and balance.
    • Changed level theme to autumn (wip) to improve readability and overall setting.
    • Raised skybox for air support.
  • Comacchio
    • Small layout adjustments around the church area.
    • Fixed several glitches throughout the map.
    • Raised skybox for air support.

‘In Testing’ Additions

  • New Raid cooperative mode added to ‘In Testing’ playlist:
    • Players must check areas provided by intel for high value targets and destroy them. Some potential targets are decoys, discovering them will reveal the actual targets by process of elimination. Players will be resupplied via supply drop when an objective is destroyed.


  • Map script can now be used to restrict firesupport options per faction & per gamemode.
  • Fixed an issue in sdk_liberation example map, vmf.