Today we are releasing a hotfix to address some major issues with cooperative that have been present since the Beta release. We’ve been working hard into our holidays to make sure our players have the ingame experience they’re meant to have.


  • Fixed major bug in Stronghold and Entrenchment causing the “Next Objective” to not reset when the round restarts. This would make the next objective that’s unlocked usually the wrong objective after the round restarts, assuming there was progress made in the previous round.
  • Fixed bots spawning under the map in Bastogne cooperative modes.
  • Fixed bad spawn locations in Bastogne cooperative modes

Thank you to everyone who has posted your Beta feedback on the discussion boards. We want to address the issues presented, but since it’s the holidays a lot of our team is spending time with their families. Once the holidays are over we’ll be back and you can expect to see the game improve greatly in the month of January.

Happy holidays everyone!