Insurgency ANZ, an Oceanic league for competitive Insurgency, kicks off its third season of play on May 4th. The ladder will include teams from the old Oz Insurgency league as well as some new blood. Teams will again compete to be the best 5v5 Firefight team in Australia and New Zealand. If you’re from Down Under, or a proud Kiwi, sign up on CyberGamer and register/join a team on the ladder here. Come check out Insurgency ANZ’s official website and say hello on the community Teamspeak server by connecting to the following IP:

ESL is now hosting weekly firefight community cups. Want to be part of the fun? The next community cup will be on May 10th, sign ups can be found here. The recent 5v5 Spring Cup saw 20 teams competing for first place. More events will be coming soon, so watch the new games section for announcements. You do not need to be European to play, but games will be hosted on EU servers and at EU friendly times. Be sure to check out the Steam group if you have any suggestions or feedback.

The DGL will be hosting a dedicated European Newbloods tournament on May 9th starting at 1200 GMT. New players can check out competitive Insurgency and form their own team or be placed on a team. You do not need to be European to play. Details and sign ups can be found here. The Digital Gaming League will also be hosting a myriad of events in the coming months including Push cups, Ambush cups, and an International Tournament. This Sunday, May 3rd at 3:00 PM EST, the DGL will be holding an Ambush single knockout PUG Draft. All players are welcome to come into the DGL’s Teamspeak at the following IP:, a little before 3:00 PM EST to be placed on a team to compete. Sign ups are NOT required for this event. For further events and to become more involved, visit the DGL’s site here.