On September 12th and 13th starting at 12:00 pm EST, the Digital Gaming League will begin its very first 5v5 Firefight World Cup Tournament. Players from all regions are welcome to sign up here. If you do not have a team please feel free to sign up as a free agent here. Signing up as a free agent means you will be assigned to a team by the administrators. This event will determine the world’s best Insurgency team!

The DGL would like to welcome back the Oceanic community to its ranks, season to be announced on the main DGL website soon. The DGL’s Europe and North American 5v5 Firefight Seasons will be beginning the week after the World Cup Finals late September or early October. Sign up now on http://www.thedgl.org Please add Link or Torix for more info.

Insurgency ANZ is currently holding sign ups for State Champs in Australia and New Zealand. You can join and represent your State/Territory by visiting the event page here. In addition to this, Insurgency ANZ and DGL Oceania are working hard to prepare for Season 4 in Oceania. The new home will be DGL with more info to be released soon. Stay tuned and visit Insurgency ANZ’s official website or join the official TeamSpeak at ts.insurgencyanz.com to find out more!

ESL is hosting its sixteenth 5v5 Firefight Community Cup on August 23rd. Players from all regions are welcome to sign up. Make sure to check out the ESL Community Cup Guide for more information.
And get ready, because the first ESL Community League will be starting this September. Be sure to join the ESL Insurgency Steam Group for all the latest announcements, news, and updates regarding all things ESL Insurgency. If you are new to the game and want to step into the competitive scene, there are pick up games and community gatherings held almost every evening open to all players. New players are welcome. If you’re a new player and curious to learn more about pick up games, add PUG admin Karin on Steam and ask. When you think you are ready – grab your teammates and register your account here to create your team and join the official events!