For players looking to become more involved with Insurgency’s competitive scene, be sure to check out the ESL Insurgency Community Cups every Sunday. They are open to any team to participate – just sign up, check in, and play! Full information here.

There will also be Community Cups for Beginners. These events are for new teams only and will be hosted two times per month. If you have a fresh team and want to check out the competitive side of Insurgency, this is your way to step in. ESL will host the second Beginners Cup on February 7th.

Players that do not have a team yet should give ESL Versus, the ranked matchmaking of ESL, a go or try out Pick-up Games. Simply join the ESL Insurgency Steamgroup or hop on ESL Insurgency Teamspeak ( to get more information.

You can also check out the playoffs of the season which will be continuing until mid February. Note that ESL Insurgency is introducing ESL Anticheat to the scene, which will be mandatory for all ESL Insurgency Events from now on.

The Digital Gaming League hosts Insurgency competitive seasons for the world! On February 2nd, the EU and NA seasons for DGL will begin. Please contact cF.Solusvod for more info. If you are a free agent be sure to subscribe to the DGL steam group and join in the daily pick up games here. Pick up games are organized 5v5 Firefight matches where players meet and communicate in Teamspeak. Teamspeak info is on the DGL website, reddit, and the steam group. Sign up now on Please add Link or FgC.Torix for NA info, cF.Solusvod for Aus/NZ info, and bro.ScrubAmtiskaw for EU info.

Insurgency ANZ is undergoing a change and branching out to reach a wider audience. With this comes the founding of the Pacific Gaming League [PGL], which is currently awaiting signups for the Oceania Newbloods Tournament (5v5 FireFight), which will be held on the 13th/14th of February. This is a competition exclusive to new players and teams in the Oceania region. You can sign up at For more information on Insurgency in Oceania, join the Steam Group and visit us on Facebook. Pacific Gaming League has a lot in the works and when more details are due for release, you will be able to find out first, by joining our Facebook Group. Our new website is in the works, but our TeamSpeak is always open to the public: (