ESL Insurgency is now using its own ranked competitive matchmaking system through ESL Versus. Players can use Versus to play in matches with their own ranking system and a scoreboard which you can use to challenge others. Matches take place in 5 versus 5 Firefight games, which you can join with friends or playing solo. In order to play, first sign up for an account on ESL. Then create a game account and link it to your Steam ID. You can then go to to join a match and start playing. For more details, check out the Steam guide for Versus here and join the official ESL Insurgency Steam group. You can also meet with other players and organize matches on the official ESL Insurgency Teamspeak channel at the following IP:

The Digital Gaming League hosts Insurgency competitive matches and events for players around the world. DGL EU, NA, and Oceanic divisions will begin their regular season play after the winter break in January. You can also tune in this weekend December 5th and 6th at 12:00 PM EST to The DGL’s Twitch page to watch the DGL Draft tournament matches. Sign up now to play in the league at