Release Date: October 10th 2017

New Content

  • Brittany (New Map)
    • Supports Offensive, Liberation, Invasion, Stronghold, Entrenchment, Firefight and Intel.
  • Shooting Range (New Training Map)
    • Supports the Sandbox mode.

New Features

  • In-Game Foliage Editing tools
  • Map Name and Location UI element that fades in at the start of a game
  • Hint system for new players (only available at the Shooting Range)

Updated Features

  • The foliage shader now support alpha-to-coverage rendering when MSAA is set to 4x or higher.
  • Improved ambient light accumulation for foliage clusters.
  • Added item store button to the main menu.
  • Added support for weapon upgrades and gear items to the game_player_equip entity.
  • Improved game_player_equip weapon selection behavior.
  • Added Respawn input to the prop_physics_respawnable entity.
  • Added option to func_destructible_wall and prop_destructible that allows you to disable the high explosive requirement.
  • Added new UI sounds to the main menu.
  • Added new UI animations to the main menu.
  • Added music transitions when switching to various sections of the main menu.
  • Added Tour notification to the main menu that shows up when you can start a new Tour.
  • Removed First Deployment playlist button that used to show up for unranked players.
  • Added self-shadowing support to the WorldGGX shader.
  • Improved handling of the navigation button states of options menus.
  • Use the SourceScheme for the legacy server browser to more closely match DOI’s visual aesthetics.

Updated Content

  • Dog Red Graphical Update
    • Added various amounts of set dressing.
    • Added foliage.
  • Added new Matilda tank model
  • Added new cash register model
  • Added new Tiger tank model
  • Updated Vickers materials and textures
  • Updated Enfield materials and textures

Coop Changes

  • Entrenchment: Regroup points won’t move if the bots are capturing the current CP, avoiding a situation where the player had to sprint between multiple points.
  • Stronghold: Fixed a bug where the counter attack siren wasn’t spawning aircraft.

Map Changes

  • Foy, Comacchio, Breville and Dunkirk navmesh update
  • Fixed a bot spawning into a wall on Foy Stronghold

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed artillery taking too long to arrive on target (should arrive 35% faster).
  • Fixed reticule alignment on the G43 scope.
  • Fixed Steam friend detection function (affects Steam friend icon highlighting).
  • Fixed HTML entities not being stripped from news panel titles.
  • Fixed rain not showing up on lower shader detail levels.
  • Fixed Frontline waves decrementing when they shouldn’t in specific cases.
  • Fixed Liberation waves decrementing when they shouldn’t in specific cases.
  • Fixed issue that made it impossible to spectate bots in cooperative modes.
  • Fixed presets not saving and loading after having been saved once during that session.
  • The engine will now display an Out of Memory error before crashing to desktop when it has run out of memory.
  • Fixed stack corruption bug in UTIL_ReplaceKeyBindings.
  • Fixed issue that prevented people from saving their audio settings.
  • Fixed an issue in the Video settings menu that caused UI elements to contain previous changes after they are discarded.
  • Fixed Apply button not being made invisible when there are no dirty values present.
  • Fixed restoring defaults for some settings on the Game settings menu.
  • Fixed missing recommended video setting values for all of our previously new video settings.
  • Fixed a UI bug that caused control points to be displayed incorrectly when they were above or below you.
  • Tweaked the water shader’s specular reflection intensity.
  • Fixed temporary entities not being aligned to 16 byte boundaries.
  • Fixed missing masks and normal maps on C47, B25 and Ju52 aircraft.
  • Optimized collision mesh on all support aircraft.