DOI Beta Trailer and Hotfix Dec. 23/24

Posted on December 23, 2016

First, we wish our community a happy and safe holiday season!

Today we are releasing a hotfix to address a few issues from yesterday’s Beta launch update.

UPDATE DEC 24: We have released another hotfix with the following changes, in addition to the changes outlined below.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a client crash when entering the outfit selection menu.
  • Fixed issue with bolt-action rifle stripper clips.
  • Fixed issue where Grease Gun and Sten stocks would be missing when a sling is attached.
  • Fixed issue with number of rounds ejected on half-empty reloads.

Map Changes

  • Bastogne: Add additional Entrenchment objective.
  • Reichswald: Fixed capture zone.


  • If gloved hand view models are not defined for a class they will fall-back to normal hand models. This will fix maps set to cold weather that also feature Commonwealth Forces.

The Dec 23 changelist is:

Balance Changes

  • Increased Stuka bomb penetration distance from 300 to 500
  • Modified strafing aim logic, it now starts closer to your cursor instead of the cursor acting as the center point of the strafe.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash on the class menu.
  • Fixed attachments not rendering on weapons when hovering over classes in kit menu.
  • Fixed some issues with Stronghold gamerules logic.
  • Fixed Entrenchment points unlocking improperly.
  • Fixed aircraft spawning during pre-round in Raid.
  • Fixed some animation issues relating to the Springfield grenade launcher.
  • Fixed some animation issues relating to the Kar-98k, Springfield & Enfield rifles.
  • Fixed supply drops disappearing shortly after drop on Reichswald and Bastogne.
  • Fixed incoming enemy bomber VO playing the friendly bomber lines.

Updated Content

  • FG42: Updated viewmodel textures.

Map Changes

  • Bastogne
    • Fixed a glitch in the town where players could get behind a wall.
    • Fixed spawn & objective positions.
    • Fixed a nodraw face in the town near objective B.
    • Fixed missing localizations for some objectives.
    • Extended 3d skybox to improve air support.
    • Added missing soundscape proxies for co-op modes.
  • Sicily
    • Fixed an area portal window issue.
  • Reichswald
    • Fixed a number of colliding props.
    • Adjusted fade distances on crates in the bunker.


  • Disabled displacement light super sampling in VRAD any maps compiled again after this fix will no longer see black areas on displacement surfaces.
  • Disabled join faction button if the team you are attempting to join is full.
  • Added Saint Lo to Liberation & Offensive only playlists.
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